Tena Protective Underwear Can Help You Manage Incontinence

Use TENA pads to help manage incontinence.
If you are struggling with an incontinence problem, purchasing the right type of Tena protective underwear is a great option. Tena pads will be able to help you discretely manage your incontinence problem, allowing you to have confidence when going out in public. Incontinence is a frustrating problem as it can leave you feeling embarrassed in just about every situation. People often have accidents in public, which can be mortifying. Without protective underwear, the urine can easily soak through your clothing and others will notice it.

Why do you have incontinence problems? In a majority of cases it will occur as the body ages. The muscles responsible for holding in the urine are less likely to work properly or they are unable to hold in as much urine as they used to. Due to this, it causes urine to involuntarily leak from the bladder without warning.

Tena diapers will be able to capture the urine loss that occurs. It is important to know how much urine loss you are dealing with in order to select the right Tena products. Since the urine loss can come in small dribbles or large amounts, it helps to know which type of products will be able to work the best for your needs. Keep track of how much urine you lose through the day. It also helps to see if you experience an increase of urine loss based on the activities and things you are involved in. Younger women often experience incontinence during or after childbirth as the muscles have been stretched out. Running can easily cause incontinence problems to arise.

It may be a good idea to consider reducing or limiting the activities that can cause you to experience a problem with incontinence. If it is related to a medical condition you should plan on scheduling a visit with your doctor to talk about your problems. There are some lifestyle choices you can make that will aid in reducing the frequency of urine loss. Certain foods like caffeine are known to stimulate the bladder and can easily cause you to have frequent urine loss.

For less frequent urine loss, most women are able to find relief with the Tena pads. Tena pads come in a number of absorbency options. The pads will be inserted into your regular underwear and you can just toss them in the garbage after they are soiled.

Tena underwear is specifically designed for women. The products are tested by women and changed and altered to try and suit every different type of body and women suffering from incontinence. Since incontinence products vary with so many absorbency options and diaper types, it’s nice to have a brand that is specifically for women.

Test out the varying types of Tena protective underwear options to find the right style and fit for your body. Quality incontinence supplies will not rub against the skin and they will allow air to freely flow through in order to prevent rashes. Always cleanse the area thoroughly. When urine is left on the skin for long periods of time, it can easily lead to a painful rash but it can be itchy through the day. Women need to be particular careful as the urine can quickly lead to a urinary tract infection. This can be painful and will require antibiotic treatment to kill the bacteria.

Tena pads are comfortable and do work well but for those with heavier incontinence urine loss, consider the Tena diapers in order to have plenty of absorbency. Tena protective underwear comes in styles and shapes for all different types of women, making them one of the best adult diapers on the market for women.

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