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If you are familiar with brands such as Poise, Depend, Attends, Prevail, and Tena, then chances are you are familiar with urinary incontinence products. Did you know that the average consumer wastes $130 when trying to figure out the right brand, product type, size and absorbency? No matter how familiar you are, if you do not take the right things into consideration when buying products for UI, you might find yourself wasting time and resources. Consider the following:

Fit- Most UI products come in a variety of sizes, from the traditional sizes of small, medium, and large, to bariatric, and more. Unfortunately, there is not a total uniformity across the industry, which means that sizing varies across brands. So, while you might be a small in Depend, that could be a medium with Attends. Thus, paying attention to sizing charts is important. In addition, your body is not exactly like others. This means you may have wider hips, a more pronounced pubic bone, etc. and this can affect how well the products fit. Flexible waistbands, leg cuffs, and other features can help a product fit right, stay in place, and protect against leaks.

Skin protection- The skin can be very sensitive, and excessive moisture on the skin can lead to lesions, rashes, and more. Choosing products that quickly distribute fluid, and keep it away from the skin is very important. Otherwise, you will experience extreme discomfort.

Absorbency and protection from leaks- Because not all individuals have the same degree of urinary incontinence, not all products offer the same protection. In addition, you may need different absorbency for different activities. For example, a more absorbent product may be needed when you are physically active or sleeping, then you need during regular daytime use. 

Odor control- An important part of discretion when wearing urinary incontinence products is odor control. No one wants to smell like urine. Look for products that offer odor lock and odor control technologies.

Comfort- Whether you are wearing products for the occasional leak, and intend to be able to change immediately, or need more protection for heavy to total incontinence, having something that is comfortable is a must.

Product suggestions:

For men: Prevail Boxers- They offer the look and feel of regular boxers with the absorbency of an incontinence product.

For women: Depend Silhouette underwear for women. They offer heavy absorbency with the look and feel of real underwear. 

Overnight: Attends Overnight Breathable Briefs. They offer comfort, absorbency, and easy of use, as well as kin protection.

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