Understanding Incontinence Products For Men

Understanding Incontinence Products For Men
Did you know that over 50% of men have urinary incontinence after prostate surgery? Over 13 million Americans have incontinence. Incontinence is defined as the involuntary loss of bladder or bowel control. This is a condition that can be treated, but must also be managed. Men with UI find that it impacts their social, sexual, interpersonal, and professional life. Thus, understanding the products available to help manage incontinence is key to regain the life they once had, and the dignity that feels lost.
Regardless of the style of incontinence product chosen, absorbency, fit, and comfort are key. The products must be able to catch leaks, and protect the wearer. They must fit comfortably, and discretely under clothing. Men should feel confident that their incontinence products will do their job, and that they will be able to go about their life without fear of leaks, odor, etc.

The following is a look at the various types of incontinence products for men, and what they have to offer:

Male pads: These are very similar to a pad a female might wear when menstruating. They are designed to manage light incontinence, and are anatomically shaped for a man. They are meant to be close fitting, and be worn with regular underwear, held in place with an adhesive strip. They should provide some kind of odor control and absorbent core to reduce wetness and protect the skin. The Abena Abri-Man Male Pad is a great option.

Guards for men: These are relatively the same thing as a male pad, but offer only protection in the front. They have a cup-like shape, and are designed to fit around the male anatomy, They are absorbent, and are thin, to be worn with regular underwear for discrete protection. The Depend Guards for Men is a great option.

Boxers: In efforts to improve dignity and discretion, a few brands have developed incontinence boxers, allowing men who have always been boxer wearers to maintain their habits while getting protection. The Prevail option, for example, looks and feels like regular boxer style underwear, with a cloth-like printed fabric, but also an absorbent core, and all the protection you would want from an incontinence product.

Briefs: Briefs are simply another term for adult diapers. These typically have tabs or an adjustable waistband, and offer great protection, but are less discrete than some of the other male incontinence product options. 

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