Incontinence Products For Women

Depend Silhouette for Women is a great option.
The need for incontinence products for women exists, and the need is only growing. 25% of reproductive age women are affected by urinary frequency. 50% of postmenopausal women are affected by urinary frequency. 13 million Americans have urinary incontinence, and over half are women. 77% of those in nursing homes, and 53% of homebound are incontinent. Statistics report that one in three women over age 45 have urinary incontinence.

The US market for absorbent products is a $2.5 billion dollar market. This means that there is a lot of market share to be had, and a lot of companies competing for those dollars. A woman suffering from UI might find a wide range of options for managing her symptoms, across a wide array of brands. This can make selecting the right products and brands a challenge. 

Consider the following:

Anatomically shaped- When choosing incontinence products for women, opt for anatomically shaped absorption products. Whatever you choose needs to offer protection in the areas where it is needed the most. Pads are a great option for this if suffering from light incontinence. The Depend Silhouette for Women is a great pull on absorbent underwear option.

Maintain dignity- It takes the average woman 6.5 years to talk to her doctor about incontinence after experiencing her first bladder control problem. Discretion is a very important consideration. When weighing out the options ask yourself the following questions:

  • Will it be easy to dispose of?
  • Does it look and feel like normal underwear?
  • What kind of leak protection does it offer?
  • Does it offer odor protection?
Protect skin- Skin can be very sensitive, and with the wrong absorbency products, women can experience discomfort, rashes, lesions, and more. Look for products where the liquid is quickly wicked and locked away from the skin, providing dryness even after the incontinence product is soiled.

A great option is the Depend Silhouette for Women, which is a pull on underwear that has an absorbent core, a soft fabric-like material that is flexible for fit and comfort. This product looks and feels like regular underwear, while offering superior protection and odor control. And it is designed specifically to address the unique need of women, providing a low side profile to make it easy to wear with anything, as well as a super absorbent core, to keep you dry and comfortable, and confident you won’t leak.

 The CareGiver Partnership offers a great selection of options for incontinence products for women and 10 times more than even the big stores, along with 100 different samples. This means that finding the right product for your body type, level of incontinence, and needs. The well-trained, and knowledgeable product specialists can help you find what you need, make product recommendations, assist with ordering and more, just call 800-985-1353 M-F 9-4 Central.

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