Selecting Tena Products To Manage Incontinence

Select Tena products to manage incontinence. 
There are millions of people that suffer from incontinence. Incontinence is the involuntarily loss of urine. It often occurs in more women than in men. Due to the aging process, it is common for the pelvic floor muscles to weaken and cause urine loss to occur. In the past people used to have a “one size fits all” solution for adult diapers and other products to manage incontinence. Now there are gender specific products with multiple options to choose from. Women need to find different products for men as the absorbency options need to be quite different from one another. It is important to try out different incontinence pads and adult diapers in order to find the right one for your body.

Tena products are made to women’s bodies. The custom fits will conform to your body, allowing the urine to be collected on the pad or adult diapers so you aren’t suffering from the embarrassment of urine loss getting on your clothing.

Just because you have incontinence doesn’t mean that you need to become a hermit! Tena protective underwear will be able to give you back your dignity and can shield you from the embarrassment you once faced from never knowing if and when urine loss would occur.

To select the right Tena protective underwear, it helps to find out which type of incontinence you are suffering from. Some people are able to get by with the Tena pads as they just release a few drops of urine when they sneeze or laugh. Others may end up with the same diagnosis of stress incontinence but they end up releasing a larger amount of urine when they laugh or sneeze. Use a journal to help you keep track of the amount of urine loss you deal with and the frequency of urine loss. This will help  you to know if there are certain times of day when you should wear thicker adult diapers and times where you can get by with just a light pad.

When looking for Tena products to help you manage incontinence, look for online vendors. There is a larger amount of companies to work with when you head online to find the Tena products compared to what you can find in your local store. Buying online gives you more time to browse through your options and most companies will discretely ship the product to your home.

Always start with a small sample packet of incontinence supplies. This helps you to know what styles you like and what feels comfortable. When selecting incontinence supplies, comfort is essential as you do not want it restricting you or riding up. It is important to get a snug fit so you don’t end up with urine leaking from the Tena underwear but you do not want it too tight that is constricts blood vessels and aches.

Tena products are less bulky compared to many of the other brands out there. Thanks to this, you don’t need to worry about an uncomfortable sound when you walk. Tena products are also designed to include odor guards. This will aid in preventing the smell of urine. It also allows the skin to breathe easily as the air can get to your genitals and helps to dry them. Keeping your genitals clean is vital to your skin and to prevent infections.

Today’s adult diapers have come a long way from the early diapers that were used for both genders! Do not be embarrassed by your condition as millions of other people are dealing with it as well. Take back your dignity and pride and purchase Tena protective underwear that gives you confidence again!

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