Tena Pads Help To Manage Incontinence Properly

Use TENA pads to manage incontinence. 
One of the most distressing problems facing millions of Americans is incontinence. Incontinence is when the body will release urine or feces without warning and without your control. It can be embarrassing to deal with this issue as you do not have control.

Why are so many people dealing with this involuntary urination or fecal problem? It often happens with the aging process but many people deal with it due to an underlying medical condition. Women often suffer from it thanks to childbirth as it has stretched out pelvic floor muscles, which are responsible for holding in the urine. Depending upon the type of incontinence you deal with, you may also see an increase of issues arising when you are dealing with activities that place a lot of pressure on the bladder. It can also occur thanks to the foods that you eat. Certain foods are known to stimulate the bladder and can cause you to deal with a higher amount of urine loss.

Women suffering from incontinence should consider buying Tena pads or Tena protective underwear. Tena products are made specifically for women. This will give you a vote of confidence in the product as you know it is designed to help you stay protected and dry. Avoiding embarrassment with incontinence is not an easy process if you do not select the right type of products.

Monitor how much urine loss you deal with each day. This will help you to select the right product based on absorption needs along with comfort as well. If you do not choose the right type of product you can deal with uncomfortable rubbing on the genitals along with pinching of the skin. Products should fit snugly without causing a rash or causing pain and itching. Try out multiple Tena pads based on absorption needs to help you find the right one for your body and lifestyle.

For the individuals suffering with heavier incontinence problems, Tena protective underwear may be the best direction to go. The protective underwear comes with greater absorbency and this can prevent you from worrying about having a large loss of urine when you aren’t at home to change out your underwear.

In the past the adult diapers were incredibly noisy and bulky. Tena diapers are designed to be quieter so others will not be able to detect them. If you can hear the noise, it will make you self-conscious and on edge about your condition. Tena diapers are made to give you back your confidence and dignity and therefore they don’t make noise and they aren’t large, bulky diapers.

Women often see great results using the urinary pads. The urinary pads can fit right into your regular underwear in a discrete manner, allowing you to still feel like yourself as you get to wear your lace or silk underwear that you love! It is nice to have a product that protects you but doesn’t require you to fit into a specific “style” that can make you feel uncomfortable or self-aware of your condition all the time.  Try out multiple pads and adult diapers to see which ones feel comfortable and conform to your body type and incontinence type.

A good urinary pad is designed to give you comfort as well as giving you some security! Managing incontinence with the Tena pads will give you both of these things and will really be able to help you feel confident in yourself and going out in public again. Avoiding urine leakage in public can be easy to do when you have the security of Tena pads that will protect you in every situation.

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