Adult Diapers-How to Choose the Right One

The right Adult Diaper for you

If you are experiencing moderate to severe incontinence you may need to choose an adult diaper that can help you to better manage it. It is important to understand that today there is a wide variety of adult diapers that can effectively manage incontinence and best of all they bear no resemblance to the oversized baby diaper that was passed off as an adult incontinence product not to long ago. Today, manufacturers of incontinence supplies understand that there are a growing number of people who are dealing with incontinence and because of this there is a wide variety of adult diapers that available to choose from. Here is what you need to know about how to choose the right adult diaper-
  • Fit is everything (almost)-One of the most important factors that you should take into account is the fit of the adult diaper that you are considering wearing. It is important to understand that not every adult diaper will work for every body.  Your body shape, your size, and the type of incontinence that you have will all play a part in what type of adult diaper that you choose to use. It cannot be stressed enough that fit is crucial in every incontinence undergarment but even more so in an adult diaper. The reason for this is that if the adult diaper does not fit correctly the wearer is at risk for leaking and accidents. Since most incontinence sufferers choose to use an adult diaper due to moderate to severe incontinence this is a serious consideration. The bottom line is that fit should be at the top of the list when you are considering which adult diaper to buy.
  • Absorbency level-The wearer of an adult diaper is most often looking for the highest degree of protection that is possible. However, the absorbency of adult diapers will vary dramatically from brand to brand. This makes it crucial that the incontinence sufferer or the caregiver take the time to research what type of absorbency levels are available in the adult diaper that they are considering. While incontinence pads can be added to boost the efficacy of the adult diaper wearers should have the confidence that the adult diaper they are wearing will give them plenty of protection against leaks and accidents. In addition, it should be taken into consideration if the wearer has just urinary incontinence or if they also have needs to help manage bowel incontinence. Checking out what is being offered on sites that provide incontinence supplies will help the incontinence sufferer or the caregiver make an informed decision.
  • Lifestyle choices-When many people think about incontinence they assume that the only people who have to deal with it are the elderly, ill, and bedridden. However, you may be surprised to learn that many people who have to manage incontinence are younger, active, working, traveling, and participating in most of the normal, daily activities that everyone else does. However, if you need to use an adult diaper you will need to take these factors into account. The adult diaper that someone who is active selects will most likely be very different then the one that is used by someone who has mobility problems or other medical issues. Today, there are adult diapers that can be worn under normal clothing and there are adult diapers that have tear away sides for easy removal and changing. Choosing the right one to fit your needs is crucial to having the best strategy for managing your incontinence.


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