Avoid Cracked Heals, Foot Calluses, and Rough Skin

The FootMate TM System and Gel

Do you want to have feet that look and feel great? Do you want to show off your toes without having to hide those heals? Are you afraid of summer sandal season because of the rough dry skin, and calluses on your feet?
Get healthier, happier feet using the FootMate TM System. It is your solution for avoiding cracked heals, foot calluses, rough skin, and so much more.

The FootMate TM System
The FootMate TM System is a complete foot care system that cleans, soothes, and massages. It is a bathing aid that can be used easily each day to promote healthier, happier, and softer feet! No more cracked heals, foot calluses or rough skin. You just scrub your foot on it while showering, and use the specially formulated gel to get optimal results.

The FootMate TM System offers bristles that simultaneously clean and massage the feet. This helps promote circulation and blood flow, restore health and balance, and prevent problems like cracked heals and dry skin. When combined with the FootMate gel, you get better smelling, softer, supple feet that are not growth sites for fungus, bacteria, or germs.

The FootMate Gel
The FootMate gel is a specially formulated foot cleanser that is gentle enough for daily use. It cleans and conditions skin, is hard on germs, fungus, bacteria, etc. but soft on skin. The specially formulated gel will rejuvenate and refresh, and leave your feet softer, cleaner, and healthier than ever. How does it do this? The ingredients are the key.

Tea tree oil- Tea tree oil is antiseptic, antifungal, germicidal, and anti-bacterial, making this a complete care cleanser. What does this mean for you? It means that your toe nails will be healthier. Your feet will have decreased odor. You will not be susceptible to athlete’s foot. And if you do get minor cuts, bruises, slivers, etc. in your feet, they will be cleaned and disinfected.

Aloe- Aloe is a great tool for healing skin that has suffered minor cuts or abrasions. It also promotes conditioning effects, leaving healthier, softer, more supple skin.

In other words, when you use this awesome foot scrubber in conjunction with the rejuvenating gel, you will get cleaner, softer, healthier feet. You will avoid cracked heals, foot calluses, and rough skin, and the massage will promote better circulation which prevents and reduces other feet problems. You do not just clean your feet, but condition them as well, solving existing problems, and preventing further problems.

While the FootMate TM System is ideal for those looking to avoid cracked heals, dry rough skin, and foot calluses, it is great for anyone who wants to prevent foot problems, relieve the strain daily life has on the feet, or wants cleaner, healthier, better feeling feet.

You can have better-looking feet, and avoid the pain, discomfort, and ugliness of cracked heals, foot calluses, and rough skin using this daily foot care system. Go ahead, pamper yourself, Refresh, Restore, Renew TM with the FootMate TM System

Dawn Harper Uses the FootMate TM System

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It sounds like you have Equinus, which causes Plantar Fasciitis. Never go barefoot around the house. The pain is caused by inflammation of the plantar fascia.

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