Access Your Health Information From Anywhere In The World

One less thing to worry about when traveling.
Many seniors want to travel the world, but worry about medical and other emergency situations when they travel. This can be a huge concern, and one that detracts for the excitement of being able to go new places and see new things. Fortunately for seniors, there is a new tool called My Health Phone that allows access to health information from anywhere in the world, and provides many other benefits that help eliminate many health and emergency concerns when traveling. Here’s what you should know:
Travel is easier when you don’t have to worry about emergency situations. Rather than worrying about whether or not you have all the necessary information for emergency personnel in a different country to treat you properly, you can just grab your My Health Phone and go enjoy your tours.  You also do not have to stress over what you would do if you were to fall, get hurt, or an emergency situation were to arise. The My Health Phone has you covered.

Medical Emergency Lock Box:
My Health Phone stores electronic copies of living wills, HIPAA releases and medical directives for ready access in emergencies. This means that if you are a senior who is traveling, you do not have to carry a binder full of emergency and medical information with you at all times. Instead, you can access Proximiti’s My Internet Lockbox service, from your My Health Phone (it is a complimentary service with My Health Phone’s service plans). This service provides key medical information such as doctor’s names and contact information, caregiver names and contact information, blood type, allergies, living wills, medical surrogates, and official documents like HIPAA releases. There is also a Personal Lock Box, where you can also store non-medical emergency information, such as which medications you are on, and the dosage, passport and driver’s license numbers, credit card names and numbers, insurance contacts, and the like.

Beyond the travel benefits of the My Health Phone, and the lock box that stores personal and medical information, this device offers many other useful benefits for seniors and caregivers alike.

Wide Range:
It is good anywhere you have cell phone service. Unlike many emergency response systems, this is a fully-functional cell phone which means you are not tethered to the range of your emergency response base in order to use it to call for help should something happen. The emergency function is large, easy to use, and prominently placed on the phone to make it accessible in emergency situations.

Check-in and Medication reminders:
The phone software was programmed to aid seniors in their daily lives, it can be set up to provide specific or generic medication reminders, to check-in on them, and more.

Peace of mind:
Provides peace of mind to caregivers with confirmations, etc. The device offers check-in and medication reminders to the user, which is extremely useful, and helps them feel safe, and helps them to keep track of the medications they are on, and when they need to take them. They are asked a question via email, text, or phone call, and their response (or lack of a response) is sent to the caregiver, making it so they can stay on top of their care without nagging them.

This tool is like the Swiss army knife of Personal Emergency Response Systems. It is great for the active, on the go senior, who doesn’t want to be tethered to their home.

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