Incontinence Supplies-Beyond the Incontinence Undergarment

Beyond the Incontinence Undergarment

When someone has to deal with incontinence they may focus on choosing the right incontinence undergarment. However, it is important to know that there is a wide range of incontinence supplies that can help to make managing incontinence much easier and more effective. While it is certainly important to choose the right incontinence underwear or adult diaper using these other incontinence supplies can provide other options for dealing with incontinence either by the incontinence sufferer themselves or for a caregiver. It is important to take the time to learn all you can about all of the options in incontinence supplies so that the appropriate choices can be made in what incontinence supplies will be used. Here is what you need to know about incontinence supplies beyond incontinence undergarments-

  • Incontinence pads-There is a wide variety of incontinence pads that can help to manage incontinence. These incontinence pads come in various sizes and shapes in order to provide the highest level of incontinence protection. Incontinence pads come in small and lighter absorbency for those with light incontinence and go all the way to heavier and more absorbent incontinence pads for those with moderate to severe incontinence. There are also incontinence pads for men and incontinence pads for women. Male incontinence pads are shaped to wrap around the penis and prevent leakage while female incontinence pads provide protection where women need it most. It is important to understand that incontinence pads can be used alone or in conjunction with an incontinence undergarment. Many people choose to add an incontinence pad to their incontinence underwear or adult diaper in order to boost the protection and efficacy.

  • Incontinence bed pads-Another type of incontinence supplies is the category of incontinence bed pads. These bed pads should not be confused with regular incontinence pads that are worn by the incontinence sufferer. Incontinence bed pads are used to protect beds and chairs from the leakage and accidents that can occur with incontinence. It is important to understand that incontinence bed pads come in both disposable and reusable styles. Many people also use incontinence bed pads to protect wheelchairs and mobility devices, and car seats when traveling. You can purchase incontinence bed pads on sites that offer incontinence supplies.

  • Incontinence cleaning supplies-There is many different type of incontinence cleaning supplies that are available to those with incontinence and those that care for someone with incontinence. These cleaning supplies are formulated to care for the delicate skin that can be damaged by incontinence. Many of these type of incontinence supplies come in the form of wipes that can be used to gently clean skin after an accident or soiling has occurred. It is imperative that the skin of the incontinence sufferer is kept very clean in order to avoid skin breakdown, rashes, and the potential for serious and even life threatening skin infections. In addition, many sites that offer incontinence supplies also have gloves, disposal bags, and odor protection items that make the cleaning up after incontinence accidents more efficient and effective.

  • Incontinence skin care products-Skin care should be high priority if you are trying to manage your own incontinence or that of someone that you care for. Skin is delicate and as we age it can become even more vulnerable to breakdown if it is exposed to urine and fecal matter. This makes it imperative that it is cared for with incontinence supplies that are formulated to protect and strengthen the skin against damage. These incontinence skin care products can also be found on sites that offer incontinence supplies.

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