Back Pain? Arthritis? The Painless Solution to Cleaning Your Feet

The FootMate TM System and Gel
Clean feet are essential to good health, but if you suffer from back pain, arthritis or another malady that makes it difficult to reach your feet (such as pregnancy), it can be difficult to be as thorough as is necessary for optimal health. The FootMate TM System is here to help. This complete foot care system can help you clean your feet thoroughly, even those tough to reach, or often neglected places, like between the toes, leaving you feeling refreshed, renewed, and restored.

Why are clean feet important? 
Proper foot care is essential to good health. The foot is a microcosm for the whole body. It has been found that proper care of the feet can improve over-all health and well-being. When you massage your feet, for example, you can often relieve stress, tension, pain, etc. in other areas of the body, as well as improve balance. Clean feet are essential because often fungus, bacteria, and other germs grow on the feet, and can compromise health. Feet that are improperly cared for may show signs of rough skin, cracked heals, foot odor, foot fungus, etc. Cleaning feet regularly helps prevent potential problems, and promote health. 

How does the FootMate TM System help those with back pain or arthritis? 
The FootMate TM System is a great option for cleaning feet, especially for those with back pain or arthritis because it does not require you to bend down, or lift the foot up in order to clean it. It is a bathing aid. It goes in your shower or tub, and you simply work your foot over the bristles, using a specially formulated gel to clean and condition the skin. The system will simultaneously scrub the foot clean, massage it, and soothe it, leaving feet thoroughly cleaned, conditioned, and massaged, even between the toes. 

Features and benefits 
Massage- One of the greatest benefits of this foot care system is the massage. Massage stimulates blood flow, and circulation. This reduces or eliminates many of the problems people face with their feet, such as tired, achy, or hot feet. It helps keep the area healthy, and maintain sensation.

FootMate TM Gel- This specially formulated rejuvenation gel contains tea tree oil and aloe, which helps it cleanse and condition the skin, protect it from odor, athlete’s foot, fungus, bacteria, and germs, while leaving the skin soft and supple. It is going to help heal the skin from minor cuts and abrasions, and promote healthy toe nails. 

Dawn Harper, 2008 Olympic Gold Medalist, Uses the FootMate TM System

Your feet will look and feel better, and you won’t have to risk further back pain, or arthritis pain to achieve these great results. The FootMate TM System is going to aid those who have difficulty properly cleaning their feet, this bathing aid will help you clean, pamper, and care for your feet effortlessly. The rejuvenating gel will help insure they are clean and conditioned, the massage promote circulation and blood flow. Refresh, Restore, RenewTM with FootMate TM System.

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