Senior Travel Made Safe So Seniors Can Travel The World Without Fear

My Health Phone
Travel is one of the goals many people have for after retirement, but senior travel can pose a number of risks and anxieties. Many seniors travel in fear of emergencies, of not having their medical information, their caregivers and loved ones worrying, or not knowing that they are in trouble. There is a new on-the-go safety device that helps eliminate these concerns, and put safety first for the senior, and provide peace of mind for the caregiver:

One of the biggest benefits of this on-the-go safety device is its portability. My Health Phone is a fully-functional cell phone that works almost anywhere. This means that as long as you can get cell coverage, you will have a device that provides emergency response, connection to your caregiver, and all the other perks. My Health Phone’s service can include international coverage, etc. making it a great safety device, no matter where you are. Most emergency response systems are tethered to a base and work only inside the home.

Another great perk when traveling is the medication reminders. My Health Phone’s software can be programmed to give regular medication reminders. When seniors are at home they might need a medication reminder, when traveling it is almost imperative. Seniors do not want to be worried about time zones and taking their medication at the right moment, they want to be able to focus on the tours and destinations and people they travel with. My Health Phone helps eliminate some of this concern, as it will provide a generic or specific medication reminder based on the settings of the caregiver and senior.

Check ins are a great way to alleviate some of the anxiety of senior travel for both the senior and the caregiver. My Health Phone's software can be set up to make regular check-in contact. These check-ins can be made through phone calls, text messages, or e-mails. The caregiver and senior get to designate the frequency and timing. Thus, if you need extra reassurance while the senior travels, the frequency can be increased.

Next, My Health Phone provides seniors with added peace of mind by proving access to Proximiti’s My Internet Lockbox service which stores electronic copies of important medical documents. This means that when traveling, the information a health care provider may need will be at the tips of your fingers. You can travel with electronic copies of everything from your passport info to copies of your living wills, HIPAA releases and medical directives and more.


This on-the-go safety device can ease the burden for both caregivers and seniors who want to travel.

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