Incontinence Products as Part of an Incontinence Management Strategy

Incontinence Management Strategy

There are many different challenges that arise for someone who has been diagnosed with incontinence. First and foremost, when someone begins experiencing incontinence they should immediately seek out a medical evaluation. It should be stressed that incontinence is almost always caused by an underlying medical condition and is not a normal part of aging. The mistaken belief that incontinence should simply be put up with or is part of growing older is simply not true. The earlier you see your doctor about your incontinence symptoms the better the chances that your health care professional can diagnose the cause and type of incontinence and recommend the appropriate treatment. Today, there are treatments for incontinence that can reduce or completely eliminate your incontinence symptoms.

However, it is important to understand that incontinence treatment can be a lengthy process. Because of this it is important to have management strategies in place for dealing with your incontinence. One of the most important incontinence management strategies is to have the right incontinence products on hand. When you are able to utilize the right incontinence products that meet your needs you will be able to effectively manage your incontinence. However, the first step in being able to do that is to become familiar with the options that are available to you.

  • Know the different types of incontinence products-One of the first categories that anyone should become familiar with is the area of incontinence undergarments. This term is used to describe many different types of incontinence products. There is incontinence underwear that comes in a variety of different styles and types. Many of this type of incontinence product mimic normal underwear and can be worn under a variety of everyday clothing. For more moderate to severe incontinence many people choose to use an adult diaper. Again, there is no need to be stuck using an adult diaper that is bulky and noisy. Today, there are many adult diapers that can be worn under normal clothing comfortably and discreetly. For those individuals who have mobility problems or other medical needs adult diapers can provide an easy to use solution for managing incontinence. Since many of them come with tear away sides they can be easily put on and taken off which eliminates much of the hassle. Finally, there is a wide variety of incontinence pads. These pads can be used alone for lighter incontinence or they can be used in conjunction with an incontinence undergarment in order to boost its effectiveness. There are many different styles of incontinence pads and incontinence undergarments that can work together to manage incontinence.

  • Know what your needs are-Part of choosing the most effective incontinence product is to know what you truly need. Incontinence is different for every person so you will need to know what you require to help you effectively manage your incontinence. First you should consider sizing. Many people overlook the need for exact sizing in their incontinence undergarment. The bottom line is that if you do not have the right fit the effectiveness of your incontinence underwear or adult diaper will not be as high as it can be. You should also consider your gender since there are incontinence products for men and incontinence products for women. These incontinence products are designed to give each gender the protection where they need it the most. Finally, you should consider the absorbency level that you need. There is a variety of absorbency levels so you should find the one that fits your needs the best. Keep in mind that your absorbency needs may vary dramatically from day to night.


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