An Invigorating In-home Foot Massages That Gives You a Feeling of Well-being

FootMate TM System with gel

Foot massage offers many benefits for health and well-being: Getting a foot massage can benefit your whole body. The following is a look at three of the top benefits of foot massage.

1. Improved blood flow and circulation: One of the main benefits is that it will stimulate your feet, and improve blood flow and circulation. Now, why is this important? Because your feet are pretty far from your heart, they tend to be one of the areas that are most commonly affected by poor circulation. This is especially true as you age, and can be an even greater concern if you suffer from health problems like diabetes. Poor circulation leads to all kinds of problems, but one of the biggest is lack of sensation, which means you could get a cut or abrasion and not notice it, and it could get infected, etc. and lead to health problems. Massaging your feet regularly will help you avoid this problem, plus it feels great!

2. Relieved stress throughout the body: According to the art of reflexology, the feet are a microcosm of the body, which means that each part of the foot is tied to a part or organ of the body. When you massage the feet, you can actually reduce pain, tension, and stress in other parts of the body. It can help restore balance to the body, and improve energy flow. This means greater overall well-being. 

3. Relieve tired and achy feet: Everyone suffers tired and achy feet from time to time, whether it is because you are standing or working on them all day, or because you are not, regular foot massage can reduce and even eliminate the symptoms of tired and achy feet, and help you feel better all over.

The FootMate TM System allows you to get all of these incredible benefits in the comfort of your home. You do not have to pay a masseuse or travel to get the comforts of foot massage, you just have to buy a FootMate TM System. 

Olympian Dawn Harper Uses the FootMate

The FootMate TM System is a complete foot care system that can be used in the bath or shower to clean, soothe, and stimulate feet for better health. It conditions feet, while cleaning and massaging them. Here’s what you should know:

1. Comes with rejuvenating gel: The gel contains some really awesome ingredients like tea tree oil and aloe, as well as conditioners and cleansers that result in cleaner, better cared for feet, with skin that is soft and supple. It is a natural antiseptic, antifungal, antibacterial, and germicide, so it protects the feet while making them look and feel better.

2. Should be used daily: The system and gel are designed for daily use. You can get the renewing and refreshing benefits of this system each time you shower.

3. Helps maintain healthy feet, and prevents foot problems: Not only will this system give you a great foot massage, but will eliminate things like calluses, athlete’s foot, dry heals, etc. and because it stimulates blood flow, it prevents many common foot problems.

You can have an invigorating in-home foot massage without bothering your spouse, room mate, etc. and reap the many benefits that the FootMate TM System provides besides just a massage.

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