Educating and Preparing Family Caregivers

CareConscious is dedicated to improving the approach to Family Caregiving by providing Family Caregiver’s with the most effective online program ever developed, the 8 Principles Program. This program creates a specific plan that caters to every Caregiver’s situation. Each plan allows Caregivers to identify their key needs, access the necessary resources, and have an achievable path laid before them, that can be adjusted with unexpected life changes.

There are more than 64 Million Family Caregivers in the US. They provide 80% of the long-term care for seniors. Many of these Caregivers have had unmet needs and many unanswered questions up to this point in their Caregiver career. There has been no effective online process to identify needs, anticipate needs to prevent issues or to quickly connect to the

RIGHT resources at the RIGHT time.

Studies show that the presence of Family Caregivers helps seniors age in place longer, improve medical adherence, improve health and quality of life, reduce doctor and ER visits, and increase completion of legal and healthcare documents.

The 8 Principles Program was designed to help Family Caregivers proactively tend to their own needs while effectively managing the needs of their care recipients. The program guides Family Caregiver’s through an assessment based process that leads to:

1. Identification of Caregiver and senior needs

2. Recommendation to continue with 8 Principles online or call a counselor for personalized help

3. Creation of individual goals and strategies;

4. Formulation of a customized Family Caregiver’s Plan which is organized by 8 main categories of need, referred to as principles. Each unique plan includes direct access to the most applicable resources and in turn helps identify future needs.

5. Re-evaluation at key points of transition and change.

The 8 Principles assessment, analysis and goal setting processes are based on the award- winning TCARE Protocol, developed by University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee.  TCARE is the only protocol based on 25 years of research. It has been proven in longitudinal, randomized studies to decrease depression in Family Caregivers and prevent or delay inappropriate placement of their care recipients into skilled nursing facilities.

Use of the 8 Principles Program can improve the health and quality of life of Family Caregivers and the older adults/seniors for whom they provide care. It can also improve cost containment and retention for businesses that service Family Caregivers and older adults/seniors who have a Family Caregiver.


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