Menopause and Urinary Incontinence

Menopause and Urinary Incontinence

Light bladder leakage, or urinary incontinence is one of the unfortunate side effects of menopause for many women. In fact 17 million women in the US experience LBL, and as many as 30% of American women ages 50–64 have difficulty with bladder control particularly when coughing, sneezing, or laughing. This is often from the effects of vaginal childbirth on pelvic tissues and hormonal changes that take place during menopause.
During menopause, estrogen decreases, and this can contribute to a thinning of the lining of the urethra, the tube that empties the bladder. A thinner urethra may result in the sudden urge to urinate, especially at night, more frequent need to urinate, as well as leaks. And, often, women who experience LBL during menopause, will find that it persists in postmenopause.

There are treatment options such as bladder training, Kegel exercises, eliminating certain foods and beverages, and some medications. Talk with your doctor about your treatment options, including lifestyle changes, medications, and surgery. And in the meantime, choose a product that can help you manage the symptoms, and live a normal life, despite LBL.

Poise was the first incontinence pad, introduced in 1992. They are a brand that offers targeted products designed for LBL, which have been proven to be more effective for management then feminine care products such as Kotex and Always, which are designed for use during the menstrual cycle. Just last year, in 2012, Poise introduced their newest incontinence pad, the Poise Hourglass, which is designed for women age 45+, who carry a little extra weight. It was designed with menopausal women, and their needs, in mind. 

Poise Hourglass was designed with menopausal women in mind.

The Poise Hourglass offers some distinct benefits:

  • Designed for larger women 
  • Improved odor control 
  • Is a targeted product for LBL 
  • Offers 8 hour protection 
  • An hourglass shape to fit between legs better and prevent twisting, bunching and roping. 
  • 3 sizes and absorbencies: Moderate, Maximum, and Ultimate 

All of these features add up to a better night’s sleep, greater comfort and protection, and the ability to continue living a normal life without the fear of embarrassment. Very few women have tried Poise Hourglass, due to its relatively new status, but 43% of those that do switch. Read more about Poise Hourglass.

Poise Hourglass is a great product for menopause related urinary incontinence, but don’t just take our word for it. Order a sample today for just $3.49, and try it for a day to see if it offers the right fit and protection for your needs. Visit us online to order a sample and try Poise Hourglass pads on for size,  or call and talk to one of our product specialist at 800-985-1353 M-F 9-4 CST. These nice ladies can help with ordering, or provide additional information about Poise.

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