Night Sweats

Night sweats are not the only menopausal symptom.

Have you ever heard the “You know you’re a (insert whatever, i.e. redneck), if…” jokes. These are the jokes that discuss commonalities found within a subset of people. Well, you know you’re going through menopause if you wake up soaked in your own sweat. It may sound like a joke, but it is not very funny for those women experiencing it. 

Night sweats are a common symptom of menopause. They are often attributed to hot flashes, which occur as the body’s internal temperature gauge resets itself to a lower temp, and so the body sweats in order to cool the body. Excessive sweating at night, while sleeping can lead to drenched bedding and poor sleep. 

Night sweats are not the only menopausal symptom that can lead to poor sleep. Insomnia is another common problem. As well as light bladder leakage or incontinence that can have you up and running to the bathroom several times a night, doing the “dribble dance” to try and make it in time so you do not wet yourself. 

Having the right pads for dealing with light bladder leakage can make a huge difference in how you sleep at night, and how you feel during the day. Poise Hourglass pads can help you get a restful night sleep with 8 hour protection, and an hourglass design that is shaped like underwear to fit better between legs, and not cause discomfort while moving or sleeping.
Try Poise Hourglass pads for LBL

1 in 3 women suffer LBL, so why aren’t more pads designed to fit right? Feminine care products may fit well, but are designed for periods, not LBL, and can cause leaks, and odor. Even pads designed specifically for incontinence may not offer the best protection for your body. Heavier women, for example, often experience bunching, twisting, and roping of their pads, which cause leaks to occur, and decrease the offered protection.

Cut out the nuisance of regular pads. Poise Hourglass is a pad specifically designed for women age 45+, that are carrying a few extra pounds, and are experiencing LBL due to menopause. They work with a woman’s body for increased comfort and protection, giving her both coverage and improved odor control.

The Poise Hourglass was released just this past year, and while still relatively new, so few women have had a chance to try it, 43% of women who have tried it have made the switch. If you are one of the millions of women dealing with the issues surrounding menopause, including LBL, consider Poise Hourglass as a potential solution. Poise Hourglass is not right for everyone, it may be right for you. It comes in three absorbencies. Read more about this great product and what it means for you, order a sample and try Poise Hourglass pads on for size, or call and talk to one of our nice ladies who can help you with ordering, 800-985-1353 M-F 9-4 CST.

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