Night Time Use LBL Products For Menopause

Menopause comes complete with a great deal of issues that impact sleep. Hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, and LBL. These are just a few of the many symptoms menopausal women face. Some last for only a short time, others may go on for several years, or indefinitely. The most common menopausal issues include: 
Menopausal women face many symptoms.
  • Hot flashes 
  • Mood swings 
  • Insomnia and lack of sleep 
  • Irregular menstrual cycle 
  • Weight gain 
  • Light bladder leakage/Incontinence 
Getting the right help, treatment, and management tools can take this uncomfortable life stage, and make it far easier to deal with. The right tools and resources can help you get a restful night’s sleep. 

17 million women are dealing with incontinence. 30% of women in menopause experience light bladder leakage, a moderate form of incontinence. It is typically caused by a combination of the thinning of the urethra lining, due to decreased estrogen, as well as weakened pelvic muscles from giving birth, aging, etc. Many women who experience incontinence, experience “urge” incontinence, meaning that when they have to go, they really have to go. This means without the right protection, women are at risk for leaks, becoming a speed walker to the bathroom, and regularly doing the dribble dance to avoid an embarrassing situation.

Having the right pads for dealing with light bladder leakage can make a huge difference in the confidence and quality of life a menopausal woman has. For example, if using a feminine care product, designed for period use, she may be at risk for unpleasant odors, and leaks, which can be very embarrassing. Even pads designed specifically for incontinence can have their trouble. Heavier women, for example, often experience bunching, twisting, and roping of their pads, which cause leaks to occur, and decrease the offered protection.

Poise Hourglass is a pad specifically designed to meet the needs of women age 45+, that are carrying a few extra pounds, and are experiencing LBL due to menopause. These pads are shaped to work with a woman’s body for increased comfort and protection, giving her peace of mind. They offer 8-hour protection, and also offer improved odor control. This means you get a great day, and a great night.

Poise is a well-respected brand for incontinence products, as they introduced the very first pad for incontinence back in 1992. In 2012, the Poise Hourglass was released, and while still relatively new, so few have tried it, 43% of women who have tried it have made the switch.

If you are one of the 17 million women suffering from light bladder leakage, don’t be afraid to talk to your doctor, and find the right tools and treatments to help you manage your symptoms. Especially if those symptoms are leading to you not getting the sleep you need for health.
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Poise Hourglass is not for everyone, but it may be right for you. Poise Hourglass pads come in three absorbencies to help you get the perfect fit. They are more absorbent than regular style Poise pads, and are designed to move with you so that they stay comfortable and in place. Read more about this great product and what it means for you.  

Or to order a sample and try Poise Hourglass pads on for size, visit our website or call and talk to one of our nice ladies who can help you with ordering, 800-985-1353 M-F 9-4 CST.

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