Adult Underwear For Incontinence Problems

Manage your condition and maintain your dignity
When dealing with incontinence it is important to purchase the right type of incontinence supplies to use. From adult diapers to bed pads, there is a large variety of products that can help you manage your condition and maintain your dignity. Adult underwear options for incontinence have come a long way. In the past they only came in large, bulky diapers. Now the underwear comes in disposable and washable forms with a variety of absorption options. It makes it easier on the individual suffering from incontinence as you aren’t tied to just one type of product to use.

If you have recently developed incontinence it is important to contact your doctor. They will need to do some testing to see if incontinence is occurring due to an underlying medical condition that needs treatment. Aging muscles can cause problems with incontinence to occur for many people. There are some surgeries that can be performed but not all of them will be effective at managing incontinence. Some of the surgeries can actually make your condition worse. Strengthening the pelvic floor muscles using Kegel exercises can help you to manage incontinence effectively. The Kegel exercises will allow you to work on the muscles that are responsible for the release of urine from the bladder. This is a simple exercise to perform through the day to see if it does help to improve your condition.

Fear of embarrassment leads many people with incontinence to stay inside. If you have incontinence you can still enjoy going out in public. It just takes finding the right type of adult underwear for your situation. The adult underwear you choose should fit well to your body to prevent urine from leaking. Do not select a product that is too loose or too tight. One way will cause you to have urine loss that leaks out and the other way can cause pain. Quality incontinence underwear will have built-in technology that helps air to get to your genitals to keep them as dry as possible. This helps to reduce odors and to prevent skin rashes and irritation from occurring.

Choose incontinence underwear that can be discreetly hidden underneath your clothing. It is important to choose underwear that can easily capture all of the urine that your body releases while still preventing you from feeling like you are wearing saggy underwear. Depending upon the amount of urine loss you are dealing with, you may need to plan on changing out your underwear several times a day. This will help you to keep the area clean and dry. It also prevents urine from getting to your clothing.

One of the things to consider about incontinence underwear is the type of disposable you want to deal with. Some people do not mind the disposable underwear that they toss into the trash, even though it means you need to carry an extra pair with you at all times. Others feel that the washable products are nicer as they fit like traditional underwear and you can just wash them instead of dealing with a wastebasket of old diapers that are unsanitary. Some of the underwear allows for inserts so you can just change out an absorbent pad instead of the underwear. This can make it a little easier on you to manage incontinence. 

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Try sample products of all the various brands. This will help you to find incontinence adult underwear that fits to your body properly and gives you the right amount of protection. Incontinence doesn’t need to be an embarrassing condition and thanks to the amount of quality products to choose from, you can regain your dignity!

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