Best Ways to Conceal Adult Diapers

Conceal adult diapers under your clothes.
Incontinence is a problem that affects many, and that no one likes admitting to. In fact, it takes the average woman over 6 years to even mention the problem to her primary care physician; so it is no wonder discretion and concealment top the list of concerns for incontinence products. The following is a look at the best ways to conceal adult diapers.
1. Conceal that you have them: In other words, no matter how well they fit under your clothes, if you are flashing them about in public, if they fall out of your bag, etc. they will be obvious. Start by looking for a way to discreetly keep them on hand, without drawing attention to them. A purse or bag with a compartment for them can be useful.

2. Conceal them under your clothes: Next, choose products that fit well under clothing, and choose clothing that is not too tight or revealing, that would give you away. There are all kinds of options for adult diapers and incontinence protection. Many companies, such as Prevail, create options that look nearly identical to traditional boxers, or underwear, but with the added protection you need. Look for choices that are low profile, that are made of natural materials (you don’t want plastic pants that make noise with every movement you make), and that fit you right. Fit is a huge part of getting both concealment and protection. Consider getting help with sizing and product selection from a knowledgeable product specialist. The nice ladies at The CareGiver Partnership will help you find the perfect fit, or help you order the samples that might best service your needs. To contact a product specialist call 800-985-1353 M-F 9-4 Central. Two great products for low profile adult diapers, include the Depend Silhouette Underwear for women and the Depend Real Fit for Men.  These are designed specifically with concealment and discretion in mind.

3. Have a plan: If you are trying to conceal your need for adult diapers, it is important to have a plan for bathroom use. Make sure you know how to get to the bathroom quickly, no matter where you are. Consider using a bathroom schedule, and going, even if you do not feel the urge, to reduce the likelihood of an accident while out. A plan can go a long way in helping you conceal adult diapers.

4. Consider odor control: Even if your adult diaper is the right fit, and is a low profile, no-bulk design to fit under clothes, if you do not have odor control, the smell might give you away. Abena has added an improved SuperAbsorbent that helps to not only keep fluid in the diaper, but prevents unpleasant odor development.

5. Have a disposal method: If you do not have a way of disposing your adult diapers discreetly, you will quickly be discovered. Consider carrying disposal bags with you, so that you can discreetly dispose of your soiled adult diapers in any bathroom garbage can with no one the wiser. If you know you will need regular disposal at a specific location, such as at work, look for options to discreetly manage the used diapers.

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