Adult Soiling

Manage fecal incontinence
Adult soiling, also known as fecal incontinence is an affliction that is far more common than you may think. 6-15% of the adult population suffers from fecal incontinence, with a higher percentage of women experiencing it. The risk of fecal incontinence rises as you age, but is not an inevitable part of aging. What can be done to treat or manage adult soiling? Consider the following:
Steps to treat/manage:

1. Get medical attention for appropriate diagnosis and treatment. This is very important. While adult soiling occurs more in the elderly, it is not something that is inevitable as you age, thus, not speaking to a healthcare professional for an appropriate diagnosis and treatment is to your detriment. In many instances, the problem can be solved with changes to diet, medication, or possibly surgery. Regardless of the embarrassing nature of the subject, if you suffer from adult soiling, talk to your doctor about it so that they can determine the cause and suggest an appropriate treatment plan.

2. Address potential causes. If your diet is causing constipation, change the diet. Etc. Your doctor should be able to help you figure out the steps to addressing the potential causes of adult soiling, in order to hopefully stop it from occurring. Often a change to diet is necessary, along with a rigid bathroom schedule and medications.

3. Reduce your anxiety and stress. Breathing tactics, as well as other stress releasing devices can help reduce the sense of urgency and help rectum muscles. This can make bowel elimination easier, and improve symptoms.

4. Have a plan. Create a bathroom plan, and stick to it. Use the bathroom regularly, and make sure you always know where one is, and how to get to it, so that if you feel the need to go, you can make it in time without having to hold your bowel movement in. This can further problems with soiling.

5. Choose the best management products. While treating and trying to eliminate fecal incontinence, be sure to get the best products possible to help manage the symptoms. This will make life a lot easier, far less embarrassing, and help reduce your stress about your bowel control problems. The CareGiver Partnership offers 500 items, 10 times more than even the big stores with 100 different samplesLearn more about products for adult soiling.. And consider contacting one of their product specialists at 800-985-1353 M-F 9-4 Central, for help in selecting the best sizes and products for your specific needs. According to Kimberly-Clark consumer research the average consumer buying incontinence products wastes $130 in trial and error before finding the right products. The nice ladies at The CareGiver Partnership, can help you avoid that costly mistake, and select samples, which are only $3.49 S&H.
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You do not have to live with adult soiling, or let it interrupt your life. You do, however, need to consult a physician, make the necessary changes to your diet and lifestyle, and purchase some helpful management supplies such as Attends Breathable Briefs, or other adult diapers.

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