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Reducing risks with improved elderly care at night is something every caregiver should consider. Each year over 13 million people 65 years or older will take a fall, which averages out to one every few seconds. Almost half of those elderly who fall will be unable to get up on their own. Without help, a fall that may have only resulted in a few bumps and bruises could lead to serious medical problems, like dehydration, pneumonia, and more. A large percentage of falls in seniors occurs at night. The reduces light, disorientation, and lack of readily available help can make night time a very dangerous time for seniors. Therefore, caregivers should take elderly care at night very seriously.

The right products can make a big difference in the risks and safety for seniors at night. Not only should the goal be to keep seniors in bed, and thus eliminate many risks, but to make leaving the bed a safer option.

Bedrails- Bedrails are a great product for night time care. Not only do bed rails act as a stabilizer and balance aid for when seniors get in and out of bed, which can be very disorienting after just waking up, but they also keep seniors from falling out of bed at night. There are number of lengths and options available to choose from.

Monitoring and safety, personal alarm systems- If an elderly person were to take a fall during the night, it could be several terrifying hours before help arrives. To eliminate this concern, consider an elderly monitoring system, or pendent option that allows seniors to call for help anytime should they need it.

Slipper socks- Slipper sock and other products to help seniors safely navigate their home during the night can be very important for safety. Slipper socks offer traction, which can help reduce the risk of falling.

Incontinence pads- One of the top reasons seniors leave their bed at night, and risk moving about their home in the dark is to use the bathroom. Bathroom aids such as adult diapers, incontinence pads, bed pads, urinals, etc. can be very useful in cutting down the number of times a senior must leave their bed at night for bathroom use.

Besides great products, take care to make nighttime movement safer with motion sensor lights or night lights, clear pathways from room to bathroom, kitchen, etc. and no slippery rugs, or unlit steps in commonly used pathways.

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