Elderly Care

Make elderly care much easier with the right products.
Caregivers spend countless hours and dollars helping their senior loved ones to be comfortable, healthy, and independent as possible. This can be a thankless, tiresome, and often challenging process. However, with the right resources, and daily living aids and tools, elderly care can be much easier.

The CareGiver Partnership understands the obstacles faced by those offering elderly care, and has many products designed to simplify things, and help the process.

Let’s take a look at some of the options for products for elderly care, and how these tools can improve both the care and comfort of the elderly.

1. Daily living aids- Many elderly need help with simple parts of daily living, such as getting their shoes on, bathing, dressing and eating. The daily living aids offered by The CareGiver Partnership help seniors to maintain some independence, and dignity, decreasing the amount of help they need to perform these functions.

2. Bathroom safety tools- Slips and falls can be extremely dangerous to the health of an elderly person, and the shower is one of the riskiest areas. The bathroom safety products help seniors to shower safely, and use the bathroom as independently as possible.

3. Bedside assistance- Whether confined to a bed, or simply spending more time in bed due to mobility issues and health concerns, it is important for seniors to be both comfortable and safe. The bedside assistance products are designed for both. For example, a bed rail can help keep an elderly loved one from falling out of bed, but also offer support and balance when entering or exiting the bed. A bedside organizer can help keep regularly used items accessible and handy. A urinal can reduce the frequency the bed is left. There are many products offered to make bed ridden individuals comfortable, while insuring safety.

4. Cushioning- A big part of elderly care is comfort. Cushions can help protect against pressure sores and improve the comfort of a senior. In addition to bed cushions, The CareGiver Partnership offers elbow and heel guards.

5. Monitoring- Many seniors want to remain independent, and live on their own, monitoring and other safety options help keep them safe in case of a fall.

6. Housekeeping- Aging often comes with some loss of control of bodily functions and fluids. In order to keep areas safe and sanitary, options include: professional grade spill kits, deodorizers, germicidal wipes and odor neutralizers.

7. Supports- Often when recovering from surgeries, etc. elderly need items to help restrain and support various parts. Girdles, wraps, and other support and restraint products can help protect and add comfort.

8. Walkers and Canes-Products to help with mobility can be a real aid in elderly care, and allow for more independence.

9. Transport- The CareGiver Partnership offers replacement wheels, rubber tips for canes, and so much more to improve transport and mobility.

10. Diagnostic-These are product to help monitor the health of seniors and their vitals.

The CareGiver Partnership offers 500 items, 10 times more than even the big stores. Many of their items are designed specifically for elderly care. Their knowledgeable product specialists can help you find the best options and products for your individual needs. These nice ladies are knowledgeable, and willing to help with whatever you need: product selection, ordering, and more. To contact a product specialist call 800-985-1353 M-F 9-4 Central.

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