Why Depend and Poise For Women Can Help You Manage Your Incontinence

Just like regular underwear - for women
It can be frustrating and even demoralizing for some women when they begin to experience incontinence. Many women feel less feminine and resent the fact that they will need an incontinence undergarment in order to help them manage this problem. It can also be a challenge to determine what type of incontinence undergarment will work for you and help you to manage your incontinence.

However, women with incontinence do not have to settle for an ill fitting, oversized baby diaper. The good news is that if you are a woman with incontinence there are many different incontinence products for women that will help you to effectively manage your incontinence and still leave you feeling feminine and clean.

However, before you simply buy the first incontinence product for women that you come across it can be helpful to take the time to examine what is offered. Today, one of the most popular and widely used brands of incontinence supplies comes from the Depend line. Depend makes several different types of incontinence supplies that include: Depend diapers, Depend underwear, Depend undergarments and even Depend for men.

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All of this variety leaves women with incontinence with many different choices and the option to choose the incontinence supplies that work best for her. Keep in mind that knowing what kinds of incontinence products are offered will help you to make a better decision in what you ultimately buy and use. Here is an overview of what is offered from the Depend for women line-
  • Depend underwear for women-This incontinence undergarment pulls on and off just like regular underwear. It is made from stretchy panels that will hold for a close and comfortable fit. Because skin care is such an important issue every Depend underwear for women is made from breathable materials that help to keep the skin underneath clean and healthy. Best of all, every Depend underwear for women is made from fabrics that are quiet so that no one has to know that you are wearing an incontinence undergarment. Depend underwear for women are also latex free to help anyone with potential allergies. They also come with odor neutralizers and absorbency that it built in where women need it the most. Depend hasn’t forgotten about the comfort and aesthetic appeal of the incontinence underwear either. Every Depend underwear for women comes with a feminine waistband and oval cut leg opening that will fit your body better. Depend underwear for women come in absorbency levels that range from moderate to maximum absorbency. Best of all, women with incontinence do not have to give up fashion and femininity as Depend underwear for women comes in range of different colors.
  • Depend diapers-For some women the severity of their incontinence or other medical condition make using an incontinence undergarment that is styled more like an adult diaper the right choice for them. This type of incontinence product has tabs that can be refastened along with tear away sides for easy changing. Most Depend diapers have 6 easy to use tabs that can help to make a custom fit. In addition, there are barriers that help to prevent leakage and accidents.
  • Poise incontinence pads-There is also another category that is available for women who are looking to manage their incontinence. Poise makes a wide range of incontinence pads that allow women with light to moderate incontinence to use them alone or women who want more incontinence protection to use them in conjunction with another incontinence undergarment
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