Different Types Of Depends Incontinence Products

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Dianna Malkowski
When it comes to buying incontinence supplies, it helps to know which products are the best on the market. There are many that you can choose from, some which will work effectively and others that could end up leaving you with some leaks that get through. A quality brand of adult diapers is Depends. Since 1983, Depend has been offering some of the best adult diapers on the market. What makes Depends great is the large variety of Depends for women and Depends for men. Both categories feature a number of products that fit to your body type and can aid in preventing leaks and other issues from occurring.

There are millions of people that are suffering from incontinence. This embarrassing condition can cause many people to avoid public and many social situations as the fear of never knowing when they might end up with an incontinence issue may arise. Depends diapers for women are created in a way to provide additional absorbency around the front to center of the diaper, where most of the leakage occurs. Depends for men is designed to provide extra absorbency in the front of the diaper where most of the leakage may occur.

Watch this video.  How to choose the right incontinence product

To find out which Depends diapers and products will work best, it helps to acquire a sample package of products. When choosing adult diapers it is important to focus on the following:
  • Does the product fit snugly to the legs? You need it to be snug so that the urine cannot leak out but you do not want it to be too tight where it can end up rubbing on the legs and leading to a painful skin rash and other issues.
  • How much absorbency do you need? Some people are only in need of a little bit of protection as they have small drips through the day. Other people need a lot of protection as they end up having a lot of urine escape. Look at the absorbency types when you are choosing the adult incontinence products for your needs.
  • Convenience. If you are buying the products for yourself, you need to determine if you want washable or disposable incontinence supplies. You also need to consider what will be easiest for you to change out. Would you prefer Depends underwear or do you like the diapers that come with easy side straps to take on and off? Caregivers often prefer Depends with straps as it makes it easy on them to remove the diapers and to properly care for their loved one.
  • Cost. Buying adult diapers that you are replacing 5 times a day or more can end up being pretty costly. You need to do your research and find adult diapers that fit into your price range and will be affordable for your needs. Check with your insurance provider as some will aid in paying for the cost of these supplies.
Loss of bladder control is embarrassing and it can cause depression in many people, especially if you withdrawal from social situations. It is important to get yourself a good pair of adult diapers like Depends so you can discreetly hide your problem. Depends diapers are not big and bulky like other brands, which makes them easy to hide!

Ordering online will provide you with 10 times more choices and is much more convenient.  Usually in the stores you are limited to two to three brands of adult diapers and you may be unable to find the right type of Depends diapers that are going to protect you properly and will keep you dry throughout the day and night!

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