9 Ways To Get Someone To Eat

6 million seniors are malnourished
Six million seniors are malnourished in the U.S. Medical problems, insufficient hot meals, poor dental health, no appetite, poor mobility, etc. often lead to seniors not eating, or not eating a healthy diet, and suffering health consequences as a result. If you are worried that your loved one is not eating, consider the following nine ways to get someone to eat.

Recognize the problem- You can’t get a loved one to eat if you do not recognize that they are not doing so. Pay attention to your loved one, and make sure they are not losing weight, having difficulty with wound healing, bruising easily, etc. If there is a problem, step in.

Address medical concerns- Address any factors that might be making it difficult to eat. For example, certain medications can lead to decreased appetite, poor nutrient absorption, etc. Problems with their teeth, such as cavities, gum disease, and/or missing teeth might make eating uncomfortable or painful. Talk to your senior loved one’s doctor, and a nutritionist to help address medical concerns, and eliminate them as an excuse for not eating.

Make it affordable- Your senior loved one may not be eating because it is expensive to eat the kinds of foods that are healthy, or appetizing to them. Economic difficulty might result in poor nutrition. Eliminate this concern by using Mom’s Meals, which offers a low cost option for providing convenient, healthy, nutritious meals for seniors. At just $5.99 per meal, plus shipping, which is $14.95 for ten, fourteen, or twenty-one meals, you get cheaper and healthier than pizza delivery.

Make it tasty- Your senior loved one may not be eating because food is just not as appealing as it once was. Their limited mobility might make it difficult to prepare the kinds of foods they enjoy, or maybe their partner has passed away, and they are simply not able to prepare meals for themselves that taste good. Mom’s Meals offers a great solution to this problem. They are a family owned and operated business that has hired chefs to create their vast menu in order to insure that they offer meals that are appealing to their own families, and that seniors will enjoy.

Encourage exercise- A great way to get a senior to be more interested in eating is to encourage light to moderate exercise each day. This can help stimulate the appetite, and encourage them to eat more calories. A nice walk in the morning is often all it takes to spark their interest in eating again.

Offer variety- Just like everyone else, seniors often get sick of the food options that are available to them. Maybe they only know how to cook a few things, or maybe they are on special diet restrictions, which make it difficult for them to find foods they enjoy. Mom’s Meals offers a solution to this problem. They offer 6 different menu types - Mom's full menu, heart healthy, diabetic friendly, Renal, Gluten free, and vegetarian. With these menu types there are over 70 meal choices. Their menu is not prescribed, so the senior can choose the meals that sound best to them, all while meeting their special diet needs or restrictions.

                                                Lynn Wilson, Founder of The CareGiver Partnership

Make it social- Seniors who have to eat alone are often bored when eating, and the drudgery of getting through a meal can make them lose interest in both cooking and eating. If you want to help them get excited about eating, encourage them to make it a social thing.

Over 60 meals to choose from.  Mix or match as you like.
Keep it healthy- No one wants to regularly eat something that is highly processed, frozen, or simply not health. As much fun as junk food is, seniors often simply do not eat because the food available to them is not fresh, and not appetizing. Mom’s Meals uses only fresh ingredients. They stay fresh for 18 days in the refrigerator (40°F), and are jam packed with nutrients.

Make it convenient- Seniors may not be interested or able to shop, chop, and prepare foods. Mom’s Meals eliminates this need. The meals take only 3 minutes to heat in the microwave, are delivered right to the door, and can stay fresh in the fridge for 18 days, so they can be eaten whenever the senior is hungry.

Mom's Meals 1-866-971-6667 for more information,  mention "caregiver" and receive a free meal with your first order.

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