Adult Underwear Helps You To Manage Incontinence

Dianna Malkowski,
Physician Assistant
What can adult underwear do for you? If you are dealing with the embarrassment that comes along with incontinence, adult underwear can give you relief! These products are made with extra absorbency to collect any urine that does leak from the genitals. It is important that you have some type of protection when you go out as it can be embarrassing to walk around with wet pants but it can also be frustrating as you may not have a change of clothes.

There are many different types of incontinence. It is important that you meet with your doctor to discuss your condition and to find out if it is related to another health condition. Many people find that incontinence is actually a symptom of another health problem. You need to be able to understand what type of issues you could be dealing with so you can get proper treatment. Your doctor will also talk to you about incontinence supplies, which can help you to choose a brand and the right type of adult underwear.

When you wear incontinence adult underwear you always want to shop for a brand that allows plenty of airflow to the genitals. Keeping the area dry will reduce issues with odors but it also aids in reducing issues with bacterial that can cause an infection. You need to shop around and try out many different types of incontinence underwear options to see which ones can give you the right type of fit.

As you are trying to narrow down your choices of incontinence supplies to use, it helps to look at several features that make a difference. The cost is one of the main factors you need to consider. Some people deal with only a few drops of urine loss each day, which is easy to manage with a simple pad. Other people have their entire bladder choose to release itself. When you are frequently changing out your incontinence underwear, it can get expensive in a hurry. You need to look at the difference in price from your washable underwear to your disposable underwear. This will help you to make the best decision as you are looking to find a quality product to manage incontinence correctly.

The comfort level is something else that you need to pay close attention to. Adult underwear needs to fit properly against the body to prevent urine from leaking out. You need to try out several different types of underwear so that you can choose one that will be able to help you stay protected but also one that gives you the ability to feel good. The underwear should not pinch or cause irritation to the skin in any way. You need to look for underwear that fits properly so you don’t have these issues and to ensure that you have a moisture seal against your skin so you do not end up with leaks. Comfort not only comes down to the fit but it also refers to the noise! You need to shop for adult diapers that do not make a lot of noise when you walk around!

Absorbency is one of the other deciding factors when choosing adult underwear. You need to find a product that will be able to give you the proper level of absorbency that you need in order to reduce how much urine is leaking onto your clothes. The right underwear will capture all of this urine loss so you don’t need to be embarrassed about it as it will never reach your clothing! Measure how much urine loss you have each day in order to have the best level of protection possible.

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