What to Consider When Buying TENA Protective Underwear

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Today, there are more choices in incontinence products then ever before. While that can be a good thing for anyone who is looking for ways to manage their incontinence or that of someone that they care for it can also make the search for incontinence products overwhelming and challenging. It can be difficult to try and narrow down the choices when you are trying to find the right incontinence product. Many people simply give up and choose the first incontinence product that they come across. This is not a good idea. If you end up doing this you may or may not end up with an incontinence product that works for you and regardless you have just spent a lot of money. The better approach is to take several different factors into account before buying any type of incontinence product.

Consider style 
There are many different types of protective underwear. It is important to understand that this type of incontinence product includes styles of adult diapers all the way to incontinence undergarments that look and feel more like normal underwear. If you are looking to buy protective underwear it can be beneficial to check out Tena protective underwear. This incontinence product comes in a variety of different styles that include but are not limited to: tear away sides with Velcro tabs, pull on and pull off styles and belted styles that go around the waist. Because there is such a wide range of styles each person can find the style that fits his or her lifestyle needs the best and helps to manage their incontinence in the best way possible. 

Consider absorbency 
The absorbency needs of each person with incontinence will be different. For this reason Tena protective underwear comes in many different absorbency levels. Most types of Tena protective underwear come in regular to super absorbency. This allows each person to determine which type of Tena protective underwear will work best for them. It should be noted that Tena pads and Tena diapers also come with a wide range of absorbencies that allow anyone with incontinence to choose the right level of absorbency to meet their needs. Finally, it should be noted that the absorbency needs of any individual with incontinence can change drastically from day to night and even from day to day so having a range of incontinence products on hand to use can be beneficial. 

Consider size-Not to long ago, anyone with incontinence had to put up with a one size fits all approach to adult diapers. This meant that anyone who was smaller or bigger then usual did not receive the ultimate in protection from their incontinence undergarment. Today, the manufacturers of incontinence products have fixed this problem by offering a wide range of sizes for anyone with incontinence. It should be stressed that the way a incontinence undergarment fits goes far beyond comfort. If the incontinence underwear does not fit correctly the wearer will be at risk for leakage and accidents which make the incontinence undergarment or adult diaper far less then effective. Tena protective underwear comes in a size range that goes from small all the way to 2XL. 

Consider gender 

Another major development in incontinence products is the development of incontinence products for men and incontinence products for women. The makers of Tena protective underwear understand that each gender has very specific needs when it comes to incontinence products. To meet these needs there is Tena protective underwear for each gender so that men and women can have the incontinence protection where they need it the most. 

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