What You Should Know About TENA Pads

TENA has a full range of pads
When many people begin experiencing symptoms of incontinence they often feel that they are alone and that no one else is having this problem. The reality is that literally millions of people all ages, varying health status, and both genders must deal with the effects of incontinence. This has led to the development of a wide range of incontinence products that can help anyone with incontinence better manage their symptoms and carry on with their normal activities.

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One of the most widely used types of incontinence supplies is the incontinence pad. For many people with light to even moderate incontinence they only need an incontinence pad rather then something like an adult diaper to manage their incontinence. One of the reasons that incontinence pads work so well is that they are very discreet and highly convenient for the user. If someone with incontinence has to use an adult diaper or other incontinence undergarment they will have to worry about bulkiness and fit while an incontinence pad can be used with discretion and comfort. Another major advantage of using incontinence pads is that there are now so many to choose from that anyone with incontinence can find the right incontinence pad to meet their absorbency and comfort needs.

Incontinence pads can be bought online where adult incontinence supplies are offered. This lets the user buy from the privacy and comfort from their home or office and have their incontinence pads shipped directly to them. In addition, many sites also offer a sample option that lets you try out a few incontinence pads before committing to buy them in bulk. This can be a good way to start narrowing down the field and choosing the right incontinence pad to meet your needs.

One of the most popular and widely used brands of incontinence pads comes from the Tena line of incontinence products. There are several different advantages to using Tena pads. Some of these advantages are-
  • TENA pads have a wide variety of different styles-Not all incontinence is the same. Each person will need to find the incontinence pad that works best for them. Many other brands of incontinence products only offer a limited selection when it comes to different styles. TENA pads come in a wide variety of styles that let users of this incontinence product find the one that works best to help them manage their incontinence. 
  • TENA pads have a wide range of sizes-Not all bodies are the same. The makers of Tena pads understand this and have sized their incontinence pads so that every person can find the one that fits them the best. Sizes of incontinence pads come in different lengths so that each person can choose the size that not only meets their needs but is comfortable as well. 
  • TENA pads have a wide range of absorbencies-Not all incontinence is the same severity. There are some people that have only a slight leakage while others may experience a more heavy loss of control. Became of this incontinence pads come in different absorbencies to meet this wide range of needs. Each person can find the right absorbency to meet their needs when selecting a TENA pad. It should be noted that anyone who is considering using incontinence pads to help manage incontinence should be aware that their absorbency needs may vary from day to night and even from day to day.  

  • TENA pads can be used in conjunction with Tena diapers or Tena protective underwear-It is also important to know that incontinence pads can also be used to help boost the efficacy of any incontinence undergarment. TENA pads work well with TENA diapers or TENA protective underwear to help to make them even more effective at managing incontinence. 

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