Ensuring You Have the Proper Incontinence Supplies

Three helpful supplies explained
Caregiving in the home, you need the right supplies. There is no doubt that having the proper incontinence supplies is essential if you are the caregiver for a person who suffers from this problem. There are a large variety of incontinence products on the market today, so in order to choose the right ones you should understand the features and options that are available.

Adult diapers/briefs/underwear: Adult diapers/briefs/underwear are available in a wide variety of styles, sizes and capacities. The best way to ensure a perfect fit is to take specific measurements prior to shopping. Also, the size will determine the capacity of the diaper you choose. If the person you care for suffers from severe incontinence, you will need a diaper with a higher capacity in order to prevent leakage or spills.

Pads or liners: These are great for a person who suffers for the occasional leak or problem. Also, these are sometimes used to help protect with cases of severe incontinence and used within the adult diaper.

Bed liners/Bed pads/Chux/Underpads: These offer additional protection for an incontinent person who is bedridden or for overnight security. This will protect the sheets and mattress from stains and smells that happen when a leakage occurs.

However, incontinence supplies go beyond the wearable, and other supplies are equally important. A proper diaper pail is essential for ensuring sanitary and discreet disposal of adult diapers. While traditional receptacles are usually the chosen method of disposal it is not the smartest or most effective one.

Adult diaper pails provide you with sanitary and discreet disposal that can prevent odor in the home. Why is this diaper pail superior to all the other products available? Why should you purchase one rather than just throw your used incontinence products into a trash can? The answer is simple; it was designed for the specific purpose of handling adult incontinence products. Some of the features that it offers include:
  • Sealing top that offers discreet disposal and prevents odors from spreading throughout the home
  • Easy open front and top compartments to ensure changing the bags is quick and easy
  • Bag cutter located on the inside door to ensure you need no additional supplies
  • Refillable liner that can be purchased separately, and are designed specifically for incontinence 
These diaper pails provide you the ability to keep the privacy of your elderly person in mind and ensure discreet disposal of their incontinence supplies. Additionally, the diaper pail is able to be cleaned with bleach without the plastic becoming discolored. It is also specifically designed to repel odors that other plastics tend to absorb. Having a quality product like this in the home can help ensure that you have a place to dispose of all your incontinence supplies, including diapers, bed liners and even gloves.

Providing sanitary conditions is essential for ensuring a clean and germ free home. When you are caregiver for an elderly person you want to ensure they have the supplies and products that are necessary for every day, comfortable, living.

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