Why You Shouldn't Be Afraid to Live With Light Bladder Leakage

You can regain confidence with better incontinence management. 
Too many people with light bladder leakage to more severe levels of incontinence find themselves limiting their social life and experiences because of their condition. Not just things like visiting trampoline parks either. Often those with LBL avoid any social situation that lasts too long, does not have great bathroom access, or could prove to be embarrassing in some way. 

With 25 million sufferers nationwide, it is time to stop living with leaks, and start living despite them. You can change your life, regain confidence, and be social rather than isolated with better incontinence management.

Gain confidence with good protection. 

The first step to a better life and real living is getting protection that gives you confidence. It is easy to be confused about the product offerings as they are lots of types, brands, styles, and sizes, as well as levels of absorbency. Taking the time to choose carefully, testing samples, and making sure you can mark off each of these check boxes will give you more confidence in social situations:
  • The right type: Pull-ons, adjustable underwear, briefs, undergarments and more. The options are many and varied. What type of incontinence do you have, and which type is going to be right for your needs? 
  • The right style: Gone are the days of generic one sizes fits all, male and female, and level of severity. Now there are products designed just for male, or just for female, or for the person with an active lifestyle, or the bedridden. The right style will give you confidence to go where YOUR life takes you.
  • The right fit: This can be tricky as every body is different. The best way to avoid wasting time and money is to try samples before buying in bulk. Samples can be purchased in sets of 4 for just $3.49 or call 800-985-1353 M-F 9-4 CST to talk to one of our product specialists. 
Try our Sample Service. 

You can quickly and easily sort through hundreds of incontinence product choices with The Incontinence Product Finder

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Gain confidence with a treatment plan.

While a large percentage of those suffering from light bladder leakage are older, getting old doesn’t mean you have to be incontinent. In fact, many people are living with symptoms unnecessarily because they are too embarrassed to seek treatment. With a variety of treatment options, it is important to talk to a healthcare professional, and create a treatment plan you can feel comfortable with.

Gain confidence with a little preparation.

Social settings can be hard because what if the bathroom is far away, has limited stalls? What if the meeting or activity goes too long, and you can’t slip out without being noticed? A little preparation goes along way. Consider regulating fluid intake before heading into a situation where you may not be able to get up to use the bathroom. Wear some protection, and pack extras in case of leaks or accidents. Know where the nearest bathroom is, wear discreet clothing, and take other measures to reduce the likelihood of leaks while socializing.

You should not be afraid to live with LBL because with the right products and the right plan you can be prepared for anything.

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