Creating Solutions to Embarassing Light Bladder Leakage

There are solutions for your LBL.
I always thought only old ladies and grandmas experienced light bladder leakage. Unfortunately this is not the case. A friend asked if I wanted to attend an exercise class with her, and I gladly went. After five minutes of jumping rope, stepping up on to a step and down again, doing jumping jacks and other maneuvers for the class I knew I was in trouble. Each bounce meant a little leak, and with each leak I got a little wetter. 

Light incontinence has embarrassing side effects and often impacts even women in their twenties and thirties. Often the experiences are minor, only occurring with strenuous exercise, hard coughing and sneezing, etc. and so they are left untreated. It is an embarrassing problem, and not one women want to discuss with their doctor.

However, the embarrassment of light incontinence is only one part of the problem. Left untreated, the symptoms can worsen, and what was once a small leak here or there can become a debilitating problem, leading to less socialization, humiliation, and frustration. The fear of not knowing if or when a leak will occur can be stressful to say the least.

Fortunately there are solutions.

The first step is to determine the cause. For me it was having children. The pressure on the pelvic floor and stretched muscles meant less bladder control. However, incontinence has many causes including weakened muscles, nerve damage, and of course pregnancy and childbearing can be contributors.

In order to achieve the first step of diagnosis and cause, a visit to a healthcare professional is needed. This is essential because they can help pinpoint what needs to be done to solve the problem. Light incontinence is almost always treatable.

In most cases non-pharmaceutical steps such as bladder training and regular Kegel exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor and muscles controlling the bladder can make a huge difference.

For some women surgery, medication, biofeedback or other steps may be necessary. The only way to know is to talk to a doctor. The sooner the better. Don’t wait for your symptoms to get worse before seeking treatment.

Doing Kegel exercises can strengthen the muscles and lead to better bladder control, but it takes time. No one wants to deal with wet underwear, embarrassing situations, and inopportune leaks while working towards a solution. Thus management is a very important part of creating a solution to embarrassing light bladder leakage.

Choosing and using the right products makes a big difference. Women who try to manage incontinence with menstruation products are often disappointed, and find they still experience embarrassing leaks. Instead, use absorbent products designed specifically for light bladder leakage. One such product, which is newly developed and proving to be a great solution for young vibrant women with occasional leaks is Fannypants. Fannypants are underwear offering more protection with an innovative design, and removable, reusable absorbent smartwearPad.

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