Changing On the Go For the Active Incontinent

Tips for changing your absorbent products on the go. 
Bladder control would not be a big deal if you never had to go anywhere or do anything, but the fact is, most people have lives, jobs, activities, and things that require them to change their incontinence products on the go. 

Here are a few simple tips for changing your absorbent products on the go, and making sure you are ready for whatever is coming, no matter where you are.

Tip one: Carry spares.

Just like you drive with a spare tire in case, you should keep a change of absorbent product, and possibly underwear or clothes, depending on the severity. Put this in your purse, in a stylish make-up bag, or keep it in your car so that wherever you are, you have what you need.

To stay safe, have one in your purse, briefcase, or bag. A couple in the glove box of your car, and a fuller “kit” with a change of clothes in a gym bag in your trunk.

Tip two: Think about disposal.

Sometimes it is less about changing, and more about what to do with the product after you have changed. Fortunately there are handy disposal bags available. Some even include odor protection, which is a great option when tossing a soiled product in a public place.

Tip three: Schedule breaks and changes.

Bladder training can be a great way to avoid accidents. In addition, scheduling time for using the bathroom and regularly changing your absorbent products can help reduce the anxiety associated with light bladder leakage (LBL). Regularly changing products means less chance of leaking. And regularly scheduled bathroom breaks mean fewer accidents.

Tip four: Know where the bathrooms are.
Take time to locate bathrooms ahead of time. This is especially important in places you frequent regularly. Also know what the bathroom is like. Is there only one stall? If so, plan to go early in case it is occupied.

Tip five: Choose the right products.

The fact is that some products are more discreet than other products. Selecting products that are going to fit right, and offer discretion for both changing and wearing is key. You may want to look for tabbed sides so you don’t have to remove all of your clothing to put them on or change them. Or inserts that are low-profile and can be placed in underwear.

Use samples to help you choose the right products for your lifestyle. Call 800-985-1353 M-F 9-4 CST to talk to a product specialist to order sample sets.

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