When Babies Mess With Your Bladder

What can you do when babies mess with your bladder? 
Babies are such a joy to have around, but let’s face facts, pregnancy and child birth can do a number on your body. Weight gain and stretch marks are only part of the package. For many women, light urinary incontinence may also occur after pregnancy and delivery. This can be caused by nerve damage, or simply stretching and weakening the muscles of the pelvic floor.

What can you do when babies mess with your bladder? First, it is important to figure out if the cause of your urinary incontinence is due to pregnancy and childbirth, or if it has another cause. They are several types of incontinence, and several different causes from constipation to medication. Thus, seeking the help of a doctor to determine the type and cause is a great starting point.

Stress incontinence is the most typical type of bladder control problems resulting from childbirth. This is when the bladder involuntarily releases urine when stress is put on it. This stress can be caused by laughing, jumping, coughing, or even strenuous exercise, as well as anything else that puts pressure or stress on the pelvic floor. This can be very uncomfortable and embarrassing. Then there is the anxiety of not knowing when or if you are going to leak. The best thing you can do is seek early treatment.

Treatment options vary by case. However, most doctors can offer treatment that is not pharmaceutical. While there may be medications for treatment, often stress incontinenc can be improved with regular Kegel exercises, biofeedback, and other methods.

Management options are important to consider as even with the best treatment plan and early diagnosis, it is a condition that could take time to resolve. Thus, finding absorbent and protective products to help provide normalcy and dignity is an important part of dealing with the often messy side of having babies. All too often, young moms will ignore their symptoms, and refuse to manage them. This may be because they are unaware of their options, don’t want to wear bulky pads, or feel uncomfortable in generic designed products. Fortunately, Fannypants is a great solution. Fannypants are an underwear designed for light incontinence which offers a waterproof gusset with pockets to hold a super absorbent and reusable smartwearPad.  With all the features designed specifically for younger women, this product offers the benefit of feeling normal, of maintaining dignity despite leaks, and of course the protection needed for those inopportune moments.

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