The Secret Issue Women Face

Your LBL doesn't have to be a secret.
It wasn’t all that long ago that bladder health, and issues like involuntary urine loss, or bladder control and incontinence were only things whispered about in confidence. Women would wait an average of 6 years from their first incontinent episode to talk to a doctor about it. That is an awfully long time to live with occasional leaks before seeking help. 
Fortunately, times are changing, and now spots like the one below can be found, and the conversation about women’s bladder health, and management of symptoms are beginning. Many women suffer from involuntary loss of urine from time to time. Especially women who have had babies. So what can be done?

SAM- Super Absorbent Material for Light Bladder Leakage

There are a few basic steps, the first is seek help from a medical professional. The second is to start a treatment plan, as many cases of incontinence are not permanent, and you don’t have to live with the symptoms. Kegel exercises are always a great place to start. The third step is management.

Managing this issue is very important as without proper management normalcy, dignity, and feeling young and feminine can be a challenge. Let’s talk about some of the management options available to women. The best option is choosing the right kind, fit and sizing of absorbent products for your needs. There are many options available:

Pull-on – Pull up and down like traditional underwear, but provide protection. They offer cloth-like stretch panels for superior comfort, and tear away sides for easy removal.

Adjustable underwear- Designed for both men and women, have tabs to reposition and adjust for fit. They also offer tear away sides for easy changing.

Briefs/adult diapers- These offer max protection for heavy to complete loss of bladder and bowel control. These offer tape tabs for removal by caregivers.

Undergarments- These are designed for more than a light leak, but not a full void. They are held in place with an elastic strap, and fasten with buttons and straps.

Booster pads and inserts- These are pads designed to offer extra protection to other incontinence products.

Pads and Guards- These are designed for light bladder leakage, pad adheres to cloth underwear with an adhesive strip, and can be used with disposable underwear.

Of course, some women simply try to get away without managing their symptoms, especially women who have light incontinence. They do not want to wear bulky, generic, or uncomfortably fitting products. But they don’t have to. This is not a dirty little secret any more, and there are products designed by women, for women, to meet these needs. Such as Fannypants, an underwear designed for light incontinence which offers a waterproof gusset with pockets to hold a super absorbent smartwearPad. It was designed by Sophia Parker, and offers tons of features to make it comfortable, discreet, and wearable by younger women. 

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