Varicose Veins May Result From Blood Pooling In The Leg

Varicose veins - knowledge the key to limiting or preventing.
Varicose veins may result from blood pooling in the lower legs.  This can happen in a couple of ways, and there are several contributing factors to the problem.  Someone who is standing over a long period of time may have a failure in the vein or in the valve that makes it difficult for the blood to get pumped back to the heart.  Veins in the leg must fight against gravity, those that are damaged or that get no rest may find their abilities hampered.  Garters that restrict the blood flow in the legs can also cause it to remain in the lower leg causing the blood vessels to fill with blood.

Contributing factors may include genetics, pregnancy, gender and obesity.  While some religions maintain that mom and dad were chosen before coming to Earth, scientists would say that there is no proof of that.  At any rate, there is nothing that anyone can do about their genetic heritage at this point in time.

It is true that people choose to get pregnant and that some get pregnant on accident, but pregnancy brings one of the greatest joys (worries and sources of frustration) available to people.  While pregnancy can be prevented, it is sometimes desirable to be pregnant, which means that women need to be aware of how to prevent varicose veins.  Pregnancy puts a strain on the circulatory system because the mother is developing more blood volume than ever.  That extra fluid may end up as blood pooling in the lower legs.

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Women are up to three times as likely as men to develop.  This knowledge does not do anything to help anyone, other than maybe giving women a reason to develop healthy habits that will help prevent varicose veins.  It takes different things to motivate different people.

Obesity has been found to be the biggest culprit in everything from heart disease to stroke and early death.  Americans are more knowledgeable about diet and exercise than any other nation on Earth, and they spend more money on fad diets and fad exercises.  Yet, they are still the heaviest nation without getting any taller.  This paradox can be corrected one person at a time if everyone understood the rules of nutrition and how calories work.  A good start is eliminating anything from the diet that does not provide nutrition.  Soda and fatty meats are a great beginning.  Moving to a whole food, plant based diet can help cut obesity and still provide all of the nutrients that a body needs including protein.
For those who have varicose veins, compression socks and leg elevation is the answer.  Compression socks squeeze the leg with the greatest pressure occurring at the ankle and getting less towards the top of the sock.  This helps support the vein in getting the blood back to the heart without allowing it to pool in the leg.  This type of treatment will also alleviate the pain and swelling related to varicose veins.

People who have varicose veins should be sure to contact their physicians if there is pain or swelling in one leg, if a skin ulcer appears or if there is any unexplained bruising in the lower leg.  Varicose veins usually appear on the inside of the leg, near the ankle or at the back of the calf.

Blood pooling in the lower leg can result in swelling, pain and varicose veins which may be a precursor to blood clots.  Blood clots can lead to the loss of limb and life if not treated promptly.  By taking a load off and elevating their legs, people can take steps toward preventing varicose veins, especially when they are on their feet all day.

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Benenden Hospital said...

Its great that you've highlighted some of the myth's and facts about Varicose Veins. These kinds of articles provide fantastic initial ideas surrounding an often overlooked condition, and can lead to an initial almost self diagnosis that, if nothing else, may prompt the individual to seek further professional medical advice.

charming skin said...

A varicose vein is a bigger, here and there swelling vein. The condition is generally the aftereffect of issues with valves inside of the veins of the leg. At the point when one or a greater amount of the valves neglects to close legitimately, the veins permit blood to stream in reverse into the leg rather than up to the heart.

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