What You Should Know About Incontinence Products for Women

Incontinence Products for Women

Incontinence is a problem that affects people all of all ages and varying health status and both genders. However, the majority of incontinence sufferers are women. Women are far more likely to experience incontinence due to the stress and trauma that can result from pregnancy and childbirth and the hormonal changes that occur during menopause. In addition, the very structure of a woman’s urinary system can pose additional risk for incontinence. This makes the need for incontinence products for women greater then ever before.

Not to long ago, both genders had to be satisfied with incontinence undergarments that were unisex and lacked effective protection. Today, manufacturers of incontinence underwear understand that women and men have very different needs when it comes to incontinence undergarments. This means that women can choose from a variety of adult incontinence products that will give them the protection where they need it the most. Here is what you should know about incontinence products for women-
  • Incontinence underwear-Not to long ago, women who were trying to manage incontinence had to be content with wearing incontinence underwear that was more like an oversized baby diaper that may or may not protect them. Today, there is no need for a woman with incontinence to not feel feminine. There are many different types and styles of incontinence underwear. Some incontinence underwear even comes in prints, colors, and materials that mimic normal underwear.  Women also choose from many different styles and have a range of incontinence underwear so that she can select the kind that works best with what she is wearing.  Best of all, many styles can be worn under normal clothing with discretion and comfort.
  • Adult diapers-For women with moderate to heavy incontinence they may choose to use an adult diaper. This type of incontinence undergarment functions as heavier protection for more severe incontinence. A women who chooses to use an adult diaper still can pick form several different styles. Best of all, adult diapers for women with incontinence are no longer the bulky, noisy, rustle when you walk type of incontinence undergarment that they use to be. Today, women can wear an adult diaper with discretion and be assured that others will not know that she it.
  • Incontinence pads-Many women with incontinence are only experiencing light symptoms and find that using an incontinence pad inside of normal underwear provides them with enough incontinence protection. However, if your incontinence symptoms are more severe you may want to consider using an incontinence pad inside an incontinence undergarment. There are many different styles of incontinence underwear including adult diapers that come with a special pouch that allow a women to insert an incontinence pad that will help to boost the efficacy of the incontinence undergarment that she is wearing.
There are many other management strategies that can help women with incontinence. Some of these management strategies are-
  • Seek treatment-Many women are embarrassed to seek out medical help when they begin experiencing incontinence. They assume that this is a problem that they have to live with. This is simply not true. Today, there are more treatments then ever before when it comes to incontinence. Women should immediately seek out treatment when they first begin experiencing incontinence since this provides the best scenario for a fast and easier resolution of their symptoms.
  • Seek support-There are many support groups that can provide information and resources to women who are trying to manage their incontinence. Women with incontinence can check with their doctor, local hospital, and community resources to find the right support group for them. If you are unable to attend a support group there are many different online support groups that can be beneficial, as well.


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