Why Men With Incontinence Should Consider Using Depend Real Fit

Underwear-like comfort for your favorite activities
Depend Real Fit is one of the newest incontinence products in the market. This new incontinence undergarment is making a name for itself from the celebrity commercials and charitable association that Depend is committing to. The makers of Depend are partnering with the Jimmy V Foundation to provide funds for research. The V Foundation for Cancer Research is working to find cures for diseases like prostate cancer (which can affect bladder control). However, the celebrity endorsement and charitable contributions are only one part of the story, when it comes to this incontinence undergarment.

This new incontinence product is a remake of the adult diaper. When men are diagnosed with incontinence, they are afraid that they will be stuck wearing a bulky and hard to hide adult diaper. One of the biggest fears of men with incontinence is that they won’t be able to find an incontinence product that will let them continue with their normal, daily activities with the discretion and comfort that they want. This is simply not true. Even the pro football players who are shown in the commercial advertisements comment on how easy to wear and comfortable the Depend Real Fit is.

This type of incontinence undergarment is made from a cloth-like fabric that looks and feels like normal underwear. Many users report that the major benefit of this product is that it can be worn under normal clothing without being detected. It looks, fits and feels just like real underwear. There is also a finished elastic waistband that is masculine and mimics the waistbands found on normal male underwear. This incontinence undergarment comes with an odor protection, so that the wearer does not need to be concerned with certain smells that are associated with incontinence. The cotton like fabric is also gentle on the skin and prevents rashes and other potentially serious infections. Finally, the leg of the incontinence undergarment is made with secure elastic to reduce the risk of leaking and accidents.

It is also important to know that this product comes in different sizes. This will allow the wearer to choose the right size for them. Size is an often overlooked, but very critical part of how effective an incontinence product will be. If the incontinence supplies that are used are not the right fit then the wearer is at risk for leakage and accidents. Any incontinence undergarment that is not sized correctly can be a problem. If the incontinence underwear is too small or too large, it can cause chafing and rashes on delicate skin. This makes it crucial that the fit of any incontinence undergarment is as correct as possible.

Finally, it is important to realize that not all incontinence is the same. Each person may need a different absorbency. This product comes in different absorbencies in order to meet the needs of each man who chooses to wear them. This incontinence product can be found on sites that offer adult incontinence products.

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This is a really great product. It's really reliable and it's far from feeling you're wearing an adult diaper as well. It's pretty comfortable too.

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