What to Consider When Choosing Incontinence Pads

Incontinence Pads are the convenient and discreet choice. 
It may surprise you to learn that the most widely used types of incontinence supplies are pads. This type of incontinence product has been found to be highly effective when it comes to managing incontinence. More and more people find that using incontinence pad is a convenient and discreet way to manage the loss of control over bowel and / or bladder. One of the main advantages of using pads is that they can be used alone for light to moderate incontinence or in conjunction with diaper or other type of incontinence undergarment in order to boost its effectiveness. However, it is important to know how to choose the right incontinence pad. The good news is that there are tips to help you do that. Here is what to consider while choosing pads.

  • Start by thinking how you will use them: The first step is to have a clear idea of how you will use it. Do you have light to moderate incontinence? Will you be using the pad by itself or with another incontinence product? Are you worried about how the pad will fit in your normal underwear? Do you want a pad that has odor control? The answers to all these questions will help you to determine which incontinence pad is right for your needs. 
  • Decide what absorbency you need: Many people assume that incontinence pads are only for light incontinence. However, it is important to understand that there is a wide range of absorbencies. You can choose from pads that are light panty liners all the way up to booster pads that function like an incontinence undergarment within undergarment. In between these two choices there is a wide range of absorbencies. This means that you will need to know what absorbency works best for you. If you choose an incontinence pad that is too light you won’t have enough protection whereas if you choose an incontinence pad that is too heavy, it will be uncomfortable and bulky. It can also expose your skin to damage. 
  • Consider what size that you will need: It may surprise you to learn that not all pads are about the same size. Because of the wide variety of body sizes, manufacturers have addressed this by offering pads that come in varying lengths. This means that each user can choose the incontinence pads that will fit their body and provide them with the best coverage. However, if you are searching for your first incontinence pad, you need to try several pads before you find the one that is about the right length for you. 
  • Choose the one for your gender: Finally, it is important to choose the one that works for your gender. Manufacturers understand that every gender has specific needs when it comes to incontinence protection. You have to make sure that the pad you choose is designed to work for your gender, so as to ensure that you have the best incontinence protection. 

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