Depend For Men-Why Gender Matters When Selecting Incontinence Products

Depend for Men

At one time anyone with incontinence had to put up with a badly fitting, unisex incontinence undergarment that may or may not have provided the incontinence protection that anyone needed. Today, this has changed a great deal for anyone who is dealing with incontinence. The makers of incontinence undergarments and other incontinence supplies understand that each gender has very different needs when it comes to incontinence products. This has led to the development of incontinence products for men and incontinence products for women.

There are two main benefits when it comes to having gender specific incontinence products. These benefits are-
  • Size-Just like in anything else there is a vast size difference between men and women. When manufacturers of incontinence products offer gender specific incontinence products they are better able to structure the size of the incontinence undergarment to better fit that gender. This not only provides comfort for the wearer but also insures that the person with incontinence receives the highest levels of incontinence protection. The bottom line is that if an incontinence undergarment does not fit there will be gaping and chafing which can lead to leakage and accidents. When incontinence products are sized for each gender then each person can find the right size of incontinence products to meet their needs and help them to effectively manage their incontinence.
  • Protection-The basic anatomy of each gender dictates where the incontinence protection needs to be. Incontinence products for men do not meet the needs of women with incontinence and conversely female incontinence products do not meet the needs of men with incontinence. This makes the need for gender specific incontinence products even greater so that each sex can find incontinence undergarments that have the protection that they need where they need it.
One of the most widely used and popular lines of incontinence products comes from Depend. The makers of Depend have designed Depend for women and Depend for men. In order to meet the needs of each gender Depend has introduced incontinence products for men as part of their overall incontinence product line. These Depend for men incontinence products include:
  • Depend Guards for men-This is a one size fits all incontinence product but it provides protection for men with incontinence up front where they need it. This type of incontinence product has a cup like shape that is designed to fit around the penis and provide protection. The wide end helps to offer additional protection where men will need it the most. The Depend Guards for men is made from a highly absorbent and very thin material that can provide additional protection without being bulky and uncomfortable to wear. The Depend Guard for men also has barriers on the side that will help to prevent leaking with an adhesive strip that holds it in place.
  • Depend underwear for men-Another type of incontinence product for men is the Depend undergarments that are specifically made to protect men with incontinence. There are three basic styles of Depend underwear for men. The styles include: Depend underwear, Depend adjustable and Depend diapers. Depend underwear is made to look and feel like normal underwear while providing the highest levels of incontinence protection. Depend undergarments and Depend diapers are made to be more adjustable and come with tear away sides for easy application and removal. Every man will need to closely consider his lifestyle in order to make the right choice for Depend underwear that will work to help him manage his incontinence and meet his needs.


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