Maker of Adult/Teen Swim Brief for Incontinence Now Offers Custom and Children’s Sizes

by Lynn Wilson, Founder of The CareGiver Partnership
SoSecure swim diaper for children

Discovery Trekking Outfitters, maker of the SoSecure Containment Swim Brief, has expanded its product line to include custom-made garments and kids’ sizes. Unisex reusable swim briefs for all ages and sizes are available through The CareGiver Partnership.

Originally designed for adults and teens with incontinence, the SoSecure Containment Swim Brief now offers the same discreet protection for young children. As a company committed to enhancing normalcy and dignity, we feel individuals of all ages and needs should be able to enjoy water activities without incontinence worries. We chose to offer Discovery Trekking Outfitters products to our customers because its founder is committed to these same goals.

The SoSecure Containment Swim Brief is offered in the following 3 categories:
  • For adults and teens with incontinence or special needs, the unisex SoSecure Containment Swim Brief is uniquely designed to manage bowel incontinence and a small amount of urinary leakage. It was reviewed by the National Foundation For Continence and selected for the organization’s Resource Guide. SoSecure can be worn under a swimsuit for discreet protection and is ideal for travel. Adult/teen sizes range from XS to fit 22-inch hips or waist to 5XL to fit 58-inch hips or waist — nine sizes in all.
  • For children of diaper-wearing age, the SoSecure brief is designed to be worn next to the skin and under a swim suit. Some parents use it in combination with a diaper underneath, but this is not required. Although it’s made specifically for swimming, it serves as an attractive cover for cloth or disposable diapers and comes in navy blue with tabs in kid-friendly designs: pink flowers, green monkeys, multicolor monsters or plain. Sizes range from XS to fit 17-inch hips to XL to fit 30-inch hips — five sizes in all.
  • Custom orders. Discovery Trekking Outfitters will custom design a swim diaper that closes in back rather than in the front, ideal for kids who are creative about undressing themselves. Although the regular front-close style secures with durable hook-and-loop tabs, “out of sight and out of mind” can be helpful for young children.
All SoSecure products feature a waterproof, washable, stretch-polyurethane outer fabric with fleece lining, elastic waist and legs, and adjustable sizing.

To order a SoSecure product, visit The CareGiver Partnership SoSecure page. Or visit our Incontinence page for further reading.

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