Wellness Briefs-How To Wear Them Discreetly

Wellness Brief - Medium - 24"-36"
A Revolutionary New Way to Manage Incontinence 

When most people are confronted with the need of wearing adult diapers, they feel overwhelmed. They often feel that they will lose their privacy and everyone will know that they are wearing an adult diaper. Because of this issue, many people feel that they must isolate themselves and eliminate the daily activities that take them away from home. In most of the cases it leads to depression. The good news is that there is no reason to do this. There are adult diapers that can be worn with privacy and discretion and manage your incontinence in such a way that no one else can know about it.

Today wide variety of incontinence supplies are available in the market. One of the most widely used product is Wellness Brief. This type of brief is also referred to as an adult diaper. It can provide both discretion and comfort to the user. Wellness Briefs offer a discreet solution to 25 million people, who are dealing with incontinence. One of the major advantages that allow this adult diaper to be used discreetly is that they only need 3 changes in 24 hours. This is compared to the average of 7-9 changes that are required by other brands of incontinence supplies. Keep in mind that these changes are only to prevent leaks, but not to prevent exposure to urine and fecal matter.

Since this adult diaper does not have to be changed very often, it allows the wearer to feel confident whether at work, socializing, or even traveling. The high quality of protection that is offered by this adult incontinence product prevents potentially embarrassing accidents. When the wearer realizes that he or she has a higher level of protection, so they can forget about managing their incontinence and enjoy the activities in their life.

There are also other tips that can be used to help the incontinence sufferer wear diaper discreetly while still managing their incontinence effectively. These tips include but are not limited to:

  •  Choose the right clothes: If you are worried about others finding about your problem, it is imperative to choose the right clothes to wear. You will want to make sure that pants are high enough and shirts long enough to cover whatever incontinence product that you are wearing. Check in the mirror by sitting down, bending over, and any other motion that you may make during the day. This will let you know, if your adult diaper is visible. 
  • Choose incontinence products that are easy to hide: Today adult diapers come in small, compact packages. They can easily be tucked inside a purse or pocket. Many people put a box in a desk drawer or keep extra in their car. When you choose incontinence supplies that can be easily hidden, you walk back and forth to the restroom without others guessing what you are doing. 
  • Choose a disposal method: In order to be discreet you will need to have an established method of disposal. This will vary according to individual circumstances, but having a plan will help you to wear and dispose discreetly.

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