The Use of Incontinence Products in Elder Care

Discussions about incontinence with a loved one
can be a sensitive subject
Incontinence products are helpful for individuals who are suffering from urinary incontinence, most especially for elderly persons. Seniors can often manage incontinence on their own but by the time they move into their senior years, it is quite common for them to have problems managing it on their own. Using the right type of adult diapers and other incontinence products will be greatly beneficial in helping to manage incontinence properly. For a list of high quality incontinence to help elderly individuals please visit this link:

Caregivers need to know what they are up against when they are trying to help manage incontinence in their elderly loved ones or patients. To help you understand what incontinence is and how you can manage it, click here: Below we will briefly discuss information pertaining to incontinence and how to use the products correctly.

What is Incontinence?
Incontinence commonly occurs in many individuals over the age of 60 but it is also quite common for those in younger years as well. Incontinence is when a person is unable to control the extraction of urine or feces. It often comes out without warning and many times the bladder will just release itself.

Types of Incontinence
There are several types of incontinence that an individual may suffer from including the following:
·         Stress Incontinence – many elderly individuals suffer from this type of incontinence as it is caused from lack of muscular control by the bladder. In a number of cases your bladder will release small amounts of urine when it has too much stress placed on it like when you laugh, sneeze, or cough. Wearing pads will help to catch the extra urine that drips out.
·         Urge Incontinence – for seniors, this is the most common type of incontinence. It comes on suddenly as you have the urge to urinate and often cannot get to the toilet in time. In elderly patients, adult diapers are the best solution as their entire bladder may release and physical problems can make it hard to get to the restroom.
·         Reflex Incontinence – seniors often experience this if they have had a stroke or brain tumor. It usually occurs at night and it’s when the body release urine or feces without knowing it.
·         Overflow Incontinence – the bladder is too full to hold in the urine and it will release it. Often times elderly individuals will have an enlarged prostate or other problems like a urinary tract infection to go along with it.

Treatment for Elderly Incontinence
Elderly individuals usually have weakened pelvic floor muscles and this is what will cause urinary tract incontinence to occur. Diabetes, enlarged prostate, high calcium levels, and a thinning vagina may all lead to incontinence. Medical treatment is vital as doctors need to examine and test for any type of infection or problem. Using incontinence products are helpful in managing the condition and they are also necessary to help avoid infections and other issues. Using wipes will cleanse the skin of any left-over bacteria from the urine and it prevents skin rashes along with urinary tract infections. As a caregiver it is important that you do not cause them to have hurt feelings and put them down for having incontinence. It is uncontrollable and they are already embarrassed from it. You need to try and avoid acting disgusted and instead offer support in helping to change their adult diapers and other things. Here are some other tips that can help with incontinence in elderly individuals:
·         Clean the home and make sure the path to the bathroom is easy to reach and safe by adding lights and safety bars
·         Use raised toilet seats to make it easier on them to reach the toilet
·         Make sure the elderly person has clothing that can be quickly removed
·         Consider waterproof bedding along with absorbent undersheets to control the urine from getting everywhere
·         Purchase several types of pads or diapers to help find the right products for your loved one

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