Bowel Incontinence Treatment - Which One is Right for You?

Seek medical treatment
If you are having symptoms of bowel incontinence then it is imperative to seek out medical treatment. However, treatment of bowel incontinence can take time and it is important to have the right incontinence products on hand to help you manage it while you are pursuing treatment. There is a wide range of incontinence products that can help you to deal with your bowel incontinence. Patients with bowel incontinence can choose from adult diapers to incontinence underwear that is worn with incontinence pads. One of the best incontinence pads for bowel incontinence can be found at-

Many people allow the shame and embarrassment that comes with bowel incontinence keep them from seeking out help. Not only should you immediately report any symptoms of bowel incontinence to your doctor, you can also find the incontinence products that you need by shopping online. This means that you can shop directly from sites that sell adult incontinence products without ever having to leave home. This also means that you can have the privacy and discretion that you need to effectively deal with this condition. For help and guidance in selecting incontinence products please click on

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Once you have the right incontinence products you can work with your doctor to treat and in many cases resolve your bowel incontinence. Your doctor will begin by doing a thorough examination and looking for signs of damage to the colon or rectum. In addition, he or she can perform tests that will be check for nerve damage to this area which is often the reason for many women who are suffering from bowel incontinence. The stress of pregnancy and the trauma of childbirth can often leave women with symptoms of bowel incontinence. In addition, to a thorough exam a complete medical history will be taken to help the doctor make the correct diagnosis.

Once a diagnosis has been made the doctor and the patient will work together to find the right treatment for the bowel incontinence. Keep in mind that there is no one right treatment for bowel incontinence. Your doctor will work with you to find the right treatment solution for you. Possible bowel incontinence treatments can include the following either alone or in combination as determined by your diagnosis, overall health status, and the underlying cause of the bowel incontinence. Bowel incontinence treatments include:
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  • Medications-There is a wide variety of both over the counter and prescriptions medications that may be used.
  • Biofeedback-This involves placing a pressure probe on the anus. This device uses a visual or sound display to let the patient know when these muscles are being used. Over time this can help to strengthen the coordination of the anal muscles and improve bowel incontinence symptoms.
  • Exercises-Just like with urinary incontinence Kegel exercises can be done to strengthen the muscles in the anal area. Your doctor can help to guide you in how to begin doing these exercises.
  • Surgery-This treatment option is most often used as last resort. Surgery for bowel incontinence is most successful when it is done for patients who have suffered damage to the anal area that can be repaired. It is often also used for patients who have not had any relief after trying other types of treatment.
It is important that anyone who is experiencing bowel incontinence seek out medical help so that treatment can begin as early as possible. This increases the chances of success. While treatment is being pursued patients can use incontinence products to help them manage their bowel incontinence and return to their normal everyday activities. To find out more about all aspects of incontinence please visit

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