African American Women and Urinary Incontinence

Health differences:  African American Women
versus Caucasian Women
There are many differences between the African American and Caucasian woman as far as their health goes. One of the differences is that of urinary incontinence. It is very common among Caucasian women to experience urinary incontinence and it has been thought that African American women will not suffer from it. Surveys and tests done do show that the medical conditions that influence the occurrence of urinary incontinence are different between African American and Caucasian  women and of the women surveyed experienced moderate urinary incontinence compared to those of these white women that are experiencing moderate urinary incontinence in daily life. According to a 2008 survey by University of Michigan, African American women experience less than half of the urinary incontinence problems that white women report having.

Caucasian women will have urinary incontinence that is worse but African American women that are suffering from it also need to find products and ways in which they can properly manage it. The difference between the two races is that when an African American women experiences urinary incontinence she will have a heavier flow or urine leakage with each incontinence episode. This means they need adult diapers and other products that will help to trap the urine and prevent it from getting their clothing wet and leading to a lot of embarrassment.

Urge incontinence is commonly experienced by African American women while Caucasian women tend to experience more stress incontinence. To learn more about the different types of incontinence click here: This will help you to understand the symptoms of both along with what you can do in order to properly treat your condition.

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With urge incontinence you have the sudden and often uncontrollable urge to urinate. The bladder is considered overactive and this is why it is causing you to need to urinate frequently. The bladders muscles will suddenly contract and this is what causes you to have the urge to urinate. The other problem, with urge incontinence is that when you do try to rush to the restroom, it places strain and pressure on the bladder and this can end up causing you to have more urine loss or to have the urine loss faster. Pregnant women commonly experience problems with urge incontinence as the bladder already has additional pressure placed on it from the growing uterus.

No matter which type of urinary incontinence you may have, it is important that you look for treatment solutions that can help you properly manage it. Using the right type of incontinence products will be very helpful in managing incontinence. Adult diapers, pads, and wipes are great ways to manage your urinary incontinence problems. There are new products out on the market that are very popular because they are so discrete. They look just like the regular underwear that you are used to and often will allow you to choose them in different styles and colors. It makes managing incontinence easy as others won’t even notice that you do have incontinence issues. For most women, this is the key to gaining back their dignity and being able to avoid embarrassment. To find the right products for your needs please click here: Try out different products until you find the one that you are comfortable with. You can opt for disposable products or choose to opt for the washable products as they will be able to save you money in the long run.

Managing urinary incontinence will give you back the control you used to have over your life. Now you don’t need to be embarrassed to go out in public because you don’t need to worry about having an issue as you have a quality adult diaper or other incontinence product to capture the urine and will allow you to enjoy your life.

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Truly we can never deny that not being able to manage your bladder issues is embarrassing and uncomfortable. Incontinence is a problem that has widely spread not only for seniors but even for children. It serves as a very real reminder that the body not working properly and you need to deal with it in an efficient and dignified way so as not to cause extra distress. Effective treatment options do exist.Surely this article provides useful information to the readers.

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