Surprising News about Incontinence and Senior Sex

Tips to maintaining a satisfying sex life -- with incontinence
There are many people (especially older adults), that feel that incontinence is a normal part of aging. However, it cannot be stressed enough that this is not true. Incontinence is never a normal part of aging but rather is most often the result of an underlying medical condition that is more common as we age. This means that there is no reason to resign yourself to simply having to live with incontinence. There are many different ways to not only manage incontinence but deal with an issue in a way to not affect the sex lives of the seniors who are dealing with it.

Many people are surprised to learn that a majority of seniors want to continue on with a satisfying sex life despite having to deal with incontinence. One of the most important things that will help to accomplish this is to have the right incontinence products on hand. When seniors have access to the right incontinence supplies to meet their needs they are far more likely to feel confident in addressing and resolving any problems that incontinence can be bringing to their sex life. It is important to understand that there are as many different types of incontinence underwear as there are types of incontinence. You should evaluate your needs to determine if you need to use an incontinence pad, incontinence underwear, or an adult diaper. All of these incontinence supplies can be purchased on sites that offer adult incontinence supplies.

Once you have the right incontinence products to help you manage your incontinence you can then move on to dealing with the issues that are related to your incontinence and can be affecting your sex life. There are many different steps that can be taking that allow seniors with incontinence to have a fulfilling sex life. Some of these steps are-
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  • Talk to your doctor-Incontinence is believed to be highly underreported in all age groups but especially among seniors. Many older adults feel that incontinence is normal and they just have to “live with it”. This is unfortunate since there are many different treatment options that can significantly reduce or even eliminate incontinence symptoms. However, it is crucial that you see your doctor when you first begin experiencing incontinence symptoms. Prompt medical evaluation will allow the treatment for your incontinence to be easier, faster, and in the long run cheaper and more successful. In addition, your doctor can serve as a resource for information concerning how to manage your incontinence and not allow it to affect your sex life.
  • Talk to your partner-Many people feel such a high degree of shame and embarrassment when they begin experiencing incontinence that they gradually withdraw even from their significant other. This is unfortunate. It is crucial that anyone with incontinence be open and honest with their partner concerning their needs when it comes to sexuality and incontinence. Studies have shown even seniors who have been with their spouse or partner for a long time often find it difficult to bring up this topic. However, it becomes almost impossible to have a fulfilling sex life at any stage of life if the partners cannot be open and honest with each other. In order for the sexual experience to be satisfying for both partners they will need to establish an open communication concerning their needs, fears and even what they physically need during sex in order to enjoy the experience and deal with the incontinence at the same time.
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