Coping with Fecal Soiling as a Result of Adult Encopresis

Sometimes referred to as anal leakage
Adult Encopresis is a condition that is classified as a type of fecal incontinence. Encopresis occurs when a small amount of fecal matter is leaked through the anus. This can occur as the result of either chronic constipation or diarrhea. The main strategy in dealing with encopresis is to have the right type of incontinence product. There is a wide variety of incontinence products that can help to effectively manage this problem. Because the leakage that occurs from encopresis is usually fairly small many people choose to use an incontinence pad, rather then an adult diaper.  There are several different types of incontinence pads that are available with one of the best being part of the Abena adult diaper line. Here is a product from Sweden specifically designed for fecal incontinence.

Abena is not the only manufacturer of this type of incontinence product. There are several different types of incontinence pads and incontinence products that you can choose from in helping you to manage the fecal soiling that occurs with encopresis. It is important to take into consideration your own personal needs. In addition, there are incontinence products for men and incontinence products for women so the unique needs of each gender can be met. You can view a wide selection of incontinence product and incontinence supplies at

When you have the right incontinence product you can continue on with your daily activities without fear of developing “skid marks” on your regular underwear. This can be both embarrassing and unpleasant when this happen. Many people who have this condition often assume that they are not cleaning themselves well enough. However, this is usually not the case. Even with great cleaning habits the fecal soiling can still occur.

                                 Watch this video - how to choose the right incontinence product There are several incontinence products that can be used to make sure that the right amount of gentle cleaning has taken place. Because of the frequent need for cleaning of the anal area it can be helpful to use incontinence wipes and products that are made to be especially gentle when cleaning delicate anal tissue. This will help you make sure that you are cleaning as well as you should be and avoiding the potential for problems that can include infection of the anal area. Wipes and other incontinence cleaners can be purchased at most sites that offer adult incontinence products. For help and guidance in selecting incontinence products please click on
It is important to note that Encopresis is not a normal part of bodily functions. This condition is often the result of something that has brought on either chronic constipation or diarrhea. Anyone who is experiencing Encopresis should immediately see their doctor to determine the underlying cause. It is important that your doctor is able to not only examine you but get a complete medical history in order to make the correct diagnosis and recommend the appropriate treatment. Keep in mind that many times with treatment adult Encopresis can be successfully treated.
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Any type of fecal incontinence from Encopresis to full bowel incontinence can be debilitating and emotionally devastating. However, with treatment and support many people can find relief from this problem and continue on with their daily lives. If you are coping with fecal soiling as the result of adult Encopresis there are many different incontinence products that can help you to feel secure, clean, and confident. It is important to take your time to become educated about the management strategies that can help you deal with this problem and not let it overwhelm you. To find out more about all aspects of incontinence please visit
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