Springtime Aging-in-Place Tips Can Help Seniors Prevent Falls Outdoors

Spring is a good time to assess a home’s safety and make fall-prevention improvements. Aging in place, or remaining safe and comfortable at home at any age, can require modifications, from simple products that make life easier to home improvements necessary to remaining independent.

Every year, one in three adults over age 65 falls, and up to 40 percent of nursing home admissions are due to either falls or fear of falling. As a company dedicated to helping seniors live safely in their homes, fall prevention is an ongoing initiative for us.

A goal of aging in place is to keep a home low-maintenance. Maintenance is often difficult for seniors because of reduced physical flexibility, health problems or lack of funds. Here are some characteristics of a safe, low-maintenance exterior and yard:
  • Steps, walkways, driveways and railings in good repair.
  • Adequate lighting at all entrances and walkways.
  • Textured surfaces and reflective, contrasting paint on step edges.
  • Exterior lighting that casts light downward vs. horizontally and is easy to access for bulb changes.
  • House numbers that emergency responders can see from the street.
  • Low-maintenance landscaping, such as native plants that don’t require extra watering.
  • Shrubs that remain compact as they grow, to avoid shadows that cause tripping hazards and to allow easy access to utilities.
The CareGiver Partnership has created “It All Starts With a Fall — Your Guide to Help Prevent Falls.” It helps readers identify and correct fall hazards in their homes and yards, teaches about personal safety tools that can make living at home a success, and offers instructions on what to do if they fall or witness a fall. Get a free copy, along with coupons for fall prevention products.

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Larry said...

That is an excellent point about gardens. The fewer obstacles there are anywhere the better. It is also important for a senior to have an easy to use, senior friendly cellphone at all times. If they fall in the garden they must have a way of calling for help. There are sone very good cellphones made specially for seniors. Check out the Jitterbug and the Tracfone SVC

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