The Intentional Caregiver

Taking a more deliberate approach.

The idea of living life intentionally is one which continues to gain momentum and enthusiasm. We want to make intentional decisions in relationships, in our careers, and in our homes. It only makes sense that we would seek out a deliberate approach to caregiving as well. Here are a few guidelines for getting started:

Create time. We all know how quickly time moves past us. You won't become an intentional caregiver on accident; you have to seek out time to make it work. Moments that offer opportunity to be a caregiver with purpose can be large or small.

Allow space. Close the laptop. Put down the phone. Leave the dishes in the sink - if only for a moment. Exist in a space created just for you and your thoughts.

Honor the process. Making a commitment to be an intentional caregiver doesn't mean you'll get it right 100% of the time. No one does. Intentional caregiving means being thoughtful about your actions and decisions, but it doesn't mean you'll be perfect. It's not something that is necessarily going to come easily but rather a commitment to put the time and effort into taking a deliberate approach to caregiving.

As with many aspects of life, knowing is only part of the equation. Now you must commit yourself to taking action. Start small, but start today.

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About Senior Holistic Living
Senior Holistic Living is a comforting resource for caregivers who are seeking guidance, encouragement, and more balance in their life. We are a reminder that caregiving does not have to be a mindless duty - that it can, in fact, be a mindful opportunity for the caregiver's own growth.   If you need advice or have unanswered questions, our recommended resources will be both helpful and reassuring. If you yearn to feel more connected to your feelings and thoughts but are not quite sure how to make it happen, allow us to lend a hand. And if you simply seek respite during a time of crisis, we can help you find peace. We'll show you how to create balance and minimize stress so that you can make better and more conscious decisions.


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