How Often Do You Need to Test Your Blood Sugar?

You need to test your blood sugar at home when your hands are freshly washed and dried. How many times a day do you need to test your blood sugar? That depends on the type of diabetes you have and the medications you may be taking to help manage diabetes.
For most patients suffering from diabetes, it is recommended that you test your blood sugar at least 3 times a day. This will allow you to track your blood sugar and to make sure it is not out of control. If you are using insulin injections or medications, you may not need to test as many times or you may need to test more. It all depends on the type of lifestyle habits you have and what your doctor feels you need to do.

The reason why individuals with type 1 diabetes need to test their blood sugar more than individuals with type 2 diabetes is because the insulin helps to control the blood sugar levels so you don’t have as many peaks and valleys that you have with type 1 diabetes. The testing amount most type 1 diabetes patients follow is morning, evening, and before meals. If you have problems with peaks and valleys, your doctor may as for testing after meals and before and after exercise as well.

If you have hypoglycemia, you also need to test your blood sugar to make sure you aren’t suffering from peaks and valleys. Patients with hypoglycemia do not often realize the severity of their condition and how it can cause extreme health problems like feeling disoriented, confusion, fainting, comas, and even death. Some of the medications you take may be causing you to have hypoglycemia problems so you must meet with your doctor to talk about your medications and what you can do to improve your blood sugar problems.

Every patient that has hypoglycemia or diabetes must use a blood test monitor to find out where their blood sugar levels are at. This is the best and most effective way to control diabetes in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise program. For a good blood test monitor visit the following website:

It is important to test your blood sugar before and after you exercise. This is the best way to see where your blood sugar levels are at and if you need to consume more protein before you exercise as your blood sugar levels may decline during and after you exercise as the body is consuming this energy.

Your diet plays a huge role in your blood sugar. You must consume foods that help to regulate your blood sugar. This is why foods high in fiber and protein are recommended by doctors as they stabilize your blood sugar levels. You should try and avoid refined sugar as much as possible because it can cause the peaks and valleys to occur. When you drink soda and the body starts to become dependant upon it, you can see your blood sugar levels drop to 21 mg/dL after the body consumes the sugar and then craves more. At this time you may need to drink another soda just to get your blood sugar level back up to 70 mg/dL or higher but then you need to look for a snack that is high in fiber and protein to help regulate your blood sugar. Protein shakes and nutritional supplements that are designed specifically for diabetic patients can help you with your blood sugar peaks and valleys:

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